“Four highs” are more dangerous than chronic disease – The number one killer!



High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat (cholesterol) and high uric acid together, the “four high”, are common symptoms busy city people. Hong Kong with “four high” problem patients at a younger age trend. Part of the “four high” symptoms are not obvious, to silent colorless Decan eclipse health, the slightest mistake can cause a variety of taking a life can always fatal heart problems, brain blood vessels and kidneys, etc., definitely more dangerous than chronic, not be taken lightly.


“Four high” issue is likely to cause physical discomfort and other complications of acute, according to Western medicine study, four high can produce more than a dozen serious complications can affect brain blood vessels, heart, sweet blood, liver, kidney, etc., directly life-threatening . If long-term high-level four is too high, oil will gradually deposited in the blood vessel wall, the vessel wall narrowing and hardening, serious and even lead to vascular occlusion, cerebral vascular occlusion or burst would cause acute paralysis; while high uric acid causes urate deposition in the blood vessel walls, leading to cerebral vascular occlusion or burst, increasing the risk of stroke, can cause severe acute paralysis.

Hong Kong-registered Chinese medicine practitioners Wu Meiyun think four high pathogenic causes, including genetic factors, diet, overeating Feiganhouwei, obesity, mental stress, overwork or over-easy, etc., will cause organs dysfunction and disease. The recommended age than aged over 40 have to pay attention to regular testing and four high personal targets, reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods.



Four high early issues must face up to the disease. Wu Meijun physician can point out a lot of traditional Chinese medicine effective against four high, including:
Ganoderma:One of the precious herbs help enhance immunity, regulate liter sweet, blood pressure and other effects

Thirty-seven:also known as pseudo-ginseng, can effectively keep blood vessels open, Huoxuetongluo prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems on serum lipids and high blood pressure and someone help

Red yeast rice:appropriate to take, to help blood circulation, spleen and digestion of stagnation, high blood lipids and someone to help
Natto:There thrombolytic efficacy, prevention of high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and someone to help

Cat’s Claw:to cure indigestion, control blood sweet, high blood sugar have someone help

Qin fruit seeds:lower blood pressure and blood fat containing active ingredients, swelling and diuretic


Herbs four high expert, can help you fight four high, four high improvement from the root of the problem, to help you regain a healthy life.
Herbs four high products include: Herbs Ganoderma sporeHerbs PillHerbs eliminate RibesHerbs speed off acid

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