Chinese medicine pratitioners’ tip for improving health: managing “weak yang” physique

How TCM Yang and physical conditioning
Yang constitution manifests itself: cold, pale whitish, partial body thin, easy to sweat, impatience manual; easy to face long spot, often throat discomfort, shoulder discomfort, easy to get gastrointestinal disease, eating a cold or blowing cold air on diarrhea, stool shapeless, backache, low libido, easy dysmenorrhea, menstrual cycles. To help find a spokesperson Yang and physical, should be Lin, fragile, pale, and looked depressed.

How TCM Yang and physical conditioning

Zhidezhuyi, some surface looks like a lit symptoms, such as long-term oral ulcers, insomnia, irritability, acne and other Ministers face, by its very nature it could be yang, Chinese medicine theory called “winter really hot.” Really hot winter judgment requires experience, in general, in the letter does not match the inside and outside, up and down under the letter does not match. Such as oral ulcers, mouth pain, sore throat, like heat syndrome, but the stool, feet cold, the heat under the cold, the next disease mostly essence, is yang. Some people red skin, joints heat, heat syndrome appears to be, but cold, like hot drinks, pale is identified as Yang Deficiency Syndrome. In addition, children of poor physique, dark green white eyebrow nose, is caused by overdose, hurt yang, yang also belongs.

Yang and physical conditioning how people do?

First, try to avoid cold foods, especially cold drinks, ice cream and so on. Especially women during menstruation eat cold, it must be observed.
Secondly, Yang who want to shelter the cold, with particular attention to the summer, less air conditioning, sleeping on the stomach to tuck.
Again, eat sparingly-season foods, such as watermelon winter. If you follow Ziranguilv, ripe watermelon in the summer, you can cool the summer heat, you have to eat in the winter, or hold out directly from the refrigerator. Although your room has heating, but your yang spite of this, it is the same with the nature yang, is it lurking. In this case you have to use something iced cold to stimulate your yang, yang damage to the course.
Yang and physical is the most appropriate medicine Guizhi. Classical side of Guizhi soup flavors including drugs: Guizhi, peony, licorice, jujube, ginger, seemingly simple, but it is one of the most classic of Chinese medicine prescription. In addition, Huang? Gui Zhi Wu Tang, Xiao Jian Zhong Tang, Dangguisini soup, warm soup, Decoction, Decoction, Mahuangfuzixixin soup, Ba Wei Di Huang balls, also under the circumstances selection.
Recommended diet drink ginger brown sugar

After TCM how Yang and physical conditioning ginger 30g, decoction, add brown sugar and mix thoroughly to drink, Nuanwei relieving effect.

Angelica ginger mutton soup

Angelica 20g, ginger 30g, rinse with clean water until soft, cut back. 500g lamb Tiqu fascia, into the pot a little hot boiling water, remove the bloody fish, cut back. Angelica, ginger, lamb casserole, add water, wine, salt, stir boiling, skim foam, and then low heat stew lamb Shulan. This is the name of Han Dynasty Zhang Fang, can warm the blood, relieving pain.

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