How to get rid of fat around your waist if you are sedentary?

You sit in an office all day, is not that “Dudu meat” and “waist flesh” are gradually hypertrophy up? Tell you eight quick thin belly recipe, let your stomach will not, like rings, over more than a year around! Want to have a flat belly, in fact, not too difficult, as long as from a number of Richangshenghuo little habits start in with a simple movement, you can also have a flat beautiful waist line.
1, early hours small stomach
Beer belly culprit fact, not only drink beer, ordinary people are most likely to commit oriel taboo, in fact, the fundamental reason is that the “lack of sleep”! When a poor person’s quality of sleep, the body’s secretion of hormones will become abnormal, or even reduce, and hormone deficiency causes increased body fat tissue, the most terrible result is all concentrated in the abdomen, the formation of difficult to eliminate beer belly!
2, day 30 minutes brisk walk after dinner +
Every time after eating, do not get back on the right front of the computer, or move on to the sofa in front of the TV when the potatoes, wash bowl up, or family, a walk with her boyfriend, easily move a bit, both to help digestion avoid accumulation lower abdomen, but also be able to contact the feelings, health promotion, it is a lot of advantages. Usually do not always sit and complain about no time, no environment to do exercise every day on the road strode through brisk walking, most will be able to quickly achieve weight loss purposes as brisk walking can increase metabolic rate, effectively burn calories, and help the body circulation.
3, drink plenty of warm water
Drink a day at least 1500-2000 CC body of water, but also refers to the pure water without adding other seasonings, soups, drinks, fruits are in the water can not count, only the water that has the body of toxins for effectiveness. Remember to drink at least temperature and body temperature almost warm water, because ice water or eating ice, the temperature of the body organs will be reduced, in order to maintain the temperature of the uterus, fat accumulation automatically in the abdomen, lower abdomen naturally grow up, so drink plenty of water not only drink time, the temperature of the drink is to pay attention.
4, less oil and low starch + proper diet
Because usually sedentary and less abdominal exercise easier to accumulation of fat, so projects in the diet, it is best to master the less oil, the concept of low starch, because these two types of food are very easy to accumulate in the abdomen, especially not to eat salad or bad frying oils, but are good oils linoleic acid or fish oil you can add a lot, in terms of diet, it is best to develop at a fixed time, place, eating habits, and do not do other things while eating side, take the time to eat meals slowly slowly, so you do not suddenly eat too much, too much.
5, the correct stance and posture
Many modern people have scoliosis problems, but in fact most of the spine is not due to congenital, but in a poor posture, muscle imbalance problems diseases of civilization produced, so long as the correct posture problems, almost can not be cured. It is recommended that want to have a beautiful body of women who, regardless of artificial anything to be upright, stand up straight, do not be lazy hunched, so that anything that might accumulate in the abdomen fleshy posture should be avoided.
6, good bowel habit + abdominal massage
Sometimes girls “potbellied” reasons, because the stomach is really hoarding a lot of “poo” no discharge, therefore, to develop good bowel habits are also a major focus of lean belly. Can eat rich defecation ring true fibrous foods, in addition to vegetables, apples are also rich in fiber physicians recognized natural good food, sugar and fruit also has a stable blood sugar, provide heat, and immediately stop the hunger effect . It is also possible to improve with massage belly protruding belly, market launch some slimming massage oil, savory taste coupled with massage techniques. It allows you to easily have a flat stomach.
7, loudly singing practice pubic region
Sing out loud to the pubic region by the use of force, usually difficult to exercise, many people always confuse the pubic region where, in fact, its location approximately 3 refers to the cross in place under the navel, is precisely what else has the easiest projections key positions. In fact, using this method and principles lean belly “abdominal breathing weight-loss method” almost through the abdominal breathing fresh oxygen supply to the body effectively stimulate muscle movement, increase metabolic efficiency, used properly can create a good body fit and healthy .
8, more exercise abdominal exercise
Want to eliminate fat on the lower abdomen, in addition to more negative eating greasy food, but also can actively do some aerobic exercise or use more abdominal and sports Yao Li, such as sit-ups, swimming, jogging and other sports on the reduction of abdominal fat have a good effect! More easily and effectively promote the roll hoop when the abdominal muscles, increase external oblique, internal oblique shock, etc., thus achieving the effect of tight muscles, in addition, the swivel movement can also increase the flexibility of the waist rotation , but also at the same time increased systemic harmonization and rhythm.
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