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Spokesperson’s Sharing

Gone through good times and bad times with Herbs, feelings deep

Q: Roger, you started to become Herbs spokesperson since 1998 which has more than 15 years; can you share your unforgettable experience with us?

A: In fact, feelings are very deep, and I remember when Herbs early established, the company has only a few products, with the company’s development, now has dozens of products, the feeling is the same as seeing it grow up. The product categories are diversified which have health care, slimming, skin care series in order to take care of the needs of different types of customers, each of which are the result by the jointly effort of Herbs’ members.

Q: In your spokesperson's time, Hong Kong has experienced a lot of changes, such as the 2003 SARS, 2008 financial tsunami, as well as the recent debt crisis in Europe, How you deal with it with Herbs?

A: In these years, Herbs indeed face a lot of challenges. Peripheral economic environment change is inevitable, the most important thing is to do their own work, stick to their posts, and be courageous to face difficulties. Seeing the changes in market demand, we introduce more high-quality products and seek a breakthrough in the face of adversity. We are convinced that as long as with the faith, will be able to weather the storm.

Q: Over the years, you need to go filming and be spokesperson. Maintaining a healthy body is a must, do you have any healthy tips?

A: Maintaining regular living habits is an important element of health. In weekdays, I will pay attention to a balanced diet, eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables, eat less fried greasy food. And I run every day and I found that my spirit is better after workout. And I will try to keep early hours, to maintain adequate sleep. Also, eating Herbs Cordyceps Mycelia can improve my sleeping quality, feeling more energetic when I wake up to cope with daily work and maintain good health.

More than ten years relationship with members, the product quality must be high

Q: In recent years, Herbs won many awards, such as Hong Kong Famous Brands, presumably it must be done through some effort, what do you think are the reasons for winning these awards?

A: Herbs always attached importance to brand image, introduced high-quality products, endeavor to enhance citizens’ health. And It does a lot of charity activities to help the needy people in the community in order to fulfill corporate responsibility. For example, it donated to support the Sichuan disaster and the construction of primary schools in the Mainland to help poor children to back to school and so on.

Q: Sometimes shopped in retail stores, I find that Herbs products are quickly run out of stock, it seems to have a good sales, what is the secret behind?

A: In addition to the good marketing strategy, in fact, the quality of the products is more important. From the purchasing to quality control, Herbs is very strict toward the product quality. So the quality of products is guaranteed. When customers’ health is significantly improved after eating the health products, they will naturally continue to buy Herbs products.

Q: Roger always gives us the impression of healthy. Have you recommended your friends to eat Herbs products?

A: I have recommended my friends to eat Herbs products, their health have been improved. I remember that I have a friend who did not have good health and always get sick. Seeing his condition, I suggest him to take ganoderma spores. After some time, his body resistance significantly becomes stronger. I feel very happy to see him become more energetic and healthy!

Care for members, with attentive service

Q: Good product quality is important; Are there any other services that Herbs provide for customers?

A: In addition to the general retail stores, Herbs also established CRM department to take care of members’ needs. In 2016, Herbs has more than 140,000 members, we offer different types of services to members. Professional health consultants, product discounts, bonus points program, free shipping, membership activities are provided to cater the needs of members.

Q: So what activities would Herbs normally provide for members?

A: Herbs provides regular cholesterol testing, professional consultant to conduct a detailed report for customers, and conduct detailed analysis concerning cardiovascular risk, provide recommendations for participants’ living habits. Members’ response are enthusiastic, each holding are quickly filled to capacity. In addition, in order to thank their support, Herbs holds biennial anniversary dinner, singers are invited to sing for everyone, also there will be lucky draw section, all members can have fun.

Q: In recent years, public’s requirements toward service improved, how Herbs will respond to the needs?

A: Herbs has professional health consultant for all services, all health consultants are subject to strict professional training, regardless of the effectiveness of health care products as well as healthy eating habits, they will offer the most suitable recommendation, so that the guests can feel the high-quality service and intimacy of Herbs.

Q: Finally, is there anything you want to share with the product users of Herbs?

A: I hope all customers of Herbs can enjoy high-quality products and services, the more products you eat, the healthier you are. Also, I wish them living a happy and fruitful life.