Joint strain

Touch smart product category very mode of communication into the new era, life convenient than ever, smart phones and tablet PCs are also very entertaining, human-computer people leave their hands, bow to the streets everywhere family, but fun at the same time, also can not ignore the potential risk of joint strain. Patients who use a mobile phone long bow, cervical spine and neck muscles too much tension and strain, over time, the cervical spine will “straighten”, so that the original physiological curvature disappears between the joints are exposed to unhealthy pressure to induce osteoarthritis, increased degradation, pain appears.



Smart products and more finger-touch screen control, long-term use can significantly increase the friction finger tendon tissue, tendons prone to injury, serious illness can make abnormal finger pain, and even no hair normal buckling up for weeks, also due to chronic wrist use of the product prone to strain, pain weakness symptoms, affect Richangshenghuo.



As for the tablet, although advertised very light body, but at least one to two lbs heavy, prolonged use will make the shoulder and upper limb muscle tension. Plus leaned forward and use of electronic products, will make the weight of the head and neck bear increased by about three times, causing severe cervical strain, appeared neck, back and severe Tong pain and upper limb paralysis and other symptoms. Thus, bow owners should reduce prolonged use of smart products, and pay attention to correct posture, joints and adequate rest also make for tense muscles and joints do stretching exercises or massage.


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