Have you suffer from insomnia?



Department of Health survey of recent years shows that Hong Kong people will have an average of 4 1 insomnia *, ranks first among the high rate of the world, and nearly nine adults poor quality sleep, tossing and turning is difficult to sleep, wake up more than a dream easy to tie, tie wake up too early and other symptoms . The survey also found that insomnia seriously affecting their daily mental state, nearly half of the # people more cause depression, the situation is very serious. Refers to a doctor, often insomnia or sleep the night will seriously affect the personal emotions should try to face up to and solve the problem.



Every night to fall asleep faster, in order to regain a deep spiritual Fen

Any person who fails in the evening and fall asleep within 30 minutes, is called insomnia, stress and city people, often tossing and turning difficult to fall asleep, sleep and stop thinking about work during the day trivial things constantly awake tie, daytime lethargy, often sleepy. Report noted that medical institutions, people sleep is divided into three stages, namely, light sleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM), REM dreaming periods, and must hold a deep sleep to renew for one hour in order to make a real body and mind rest, repair physical strength. If one night in the bar often wake up more than twice, you can not experience deep sleep, no real rest, it may still wake up tired, apathetic.




Chinese medicine: Herbal Tea Therapyimprove insomnia

Chinese point of view that the body is yin and yang imbalance, causing disorder will be distracting and, after difficult to fall asleep, but how’s eyes light insomnia. Chinese medicine practitioners Wu Meiyun means: “To effectively improve insomnia, must regulate the internal organs, balance yin and yang; in order to achieve stability of mind, emotional stability.” Faced with insomnia, a lot of people will suffer no way to take sleeping pills, but the pills not only failed to improve , but will be made dependent on long-term use is also detrimental to the liver and kidney health. TCM will generally fungus, red dates, lily, licorice and Polygala compatibility into herbal tea therapy to treat insomnia.


Sleep Western Compound helps you enjoy the quality of sleep

“Herbs Sleeping drink” containing ancient times was known as the Spirit yangxinanshen grass fungus, for restlessness, insomnia, stress has significant effect, modern research refers Ganoderma lucidum can balance the excitement of the nervous system, improve sleep quality; Polygalaceae first recorded in Shennong’s Herbal Classic, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used to settle the mind, improve sleep more than a dream, wake up and other tie fright; lily to remove heat and balance brain activity, and both sedative and hypnotic effects, then the unique compatibility of chamomile, lavender and other Western component, with the fragrance of flowers and the West make the mood relaxed, calm the mind and help the natural sleep. “Herbs Sleeping drink” of Western Compound sleep, so you enjoy fast asleep, Fen a deep and uninterrupted sleep quality sleep.

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