How many symptoms of kidney deficiency do you have?



Hong Kong people’s fast pace of life, work pressure, coupled with the lack of rest, the body is easy to fatigue, prone to kidney loss situation. Insufficient kidney, in addition will make the appearance of accelerated aging, but also will be very weak physically weak, powerless. You want to respond to young vitality, looks younger than the actual age?


Hong Kong kidney is very common. Ranging from kidney deficiency waist and knees, cold Yi Gui, dizziness, ringing in the ears, leading to more severe night toilet frequently, insomnia, hair loss. But kidney patients of either sex, will refuse to take the initiative to seek medical attention and negative symptoms, some patients even think that the situation will get better returns kidney; and kidney patients are mostly men until found himself “weak” when “ritual”, hastily medical treatment, rehabilitation Kang is often a very long time.



Hong Kong-registered Chinese medicine practitioners Wu Meijun noted that refers to kidney deficiency of kidney essence, leading to kidney failure or poor, mostly due to overwork reasons, old age weakness, chronic illness or serious illness caused by excessive sexual intercourse, etc. Kidney deficiency and kidney can be divided, and two kinds of kidney also different. The main deficiency are characterized as weak numbness or pain, pale, apathetic, cold, dizziness, easy to diarrhea or edema. Kidney were mainly characterized as weak knees, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, weight loss, sweating, hot flashes, five upset hot (meaning heart with both hands Zuxin Fanre feeling fever), throat dry and irregular menstruation .


Wu Meiyun recommend kidney deficiency and relieve symptoms optional service Ganoderma lucidum, Epimedium, Salvia, dogwood, Poria; wherein Ganoderma lucidum, Epimedium, mountain dogwood leaves and kidneys, but the men’s panacea, and with Salvia Poria medicine – , lead times than unilateral potent efficacy. The following are explanations of each medicine TCM Wu Meiyan potency:


Ganoderma:sweet nature, nourishing strong sedative, asthma, cure dizziness, cough and consumptive

淫羊藿:sweet and warm, can Warming impotence, strong bones and muscles, rheumatism

山茱萸:lukewarm acidic taste, can benefit kidney liver and kidney, rheumatism convergence, commonly used to improve pain, tinnitus and health busy
丹參:bitter, slightly cold, can warm the blood circulation and soothe the nerves menstruation
茯苓:sweet nature, can benefit water swelling, spleen soothe the nerves for edema caused by kidney
If you have symptoms of kidney deficiency often recently mentioned herein may be taking 「“Herbs vitality Kidney”」, containing Ganoderma lucidum, Epimedium, Salvia, dogwood, Poria 5 kinds of rare medicinal herbs, enhance kidney function, strengthen physique, reply more youthful vitality.

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