Three high, liver and intestinal diseases, humidity and other stress related diseases threaten citizens’ health. This column provides information about the prevention and treatment of various stress related diseases and related health recommendations.

Living habits affect citizens’ health, such as sleeping habit, exercise, diet and other electronic products using habits. By paying more attention to improve the living habits, our health will also be improved.

To maintain healthy and beautiful from inside to outside, ladies need to pay attention to their physical condition, weight and skin health. This column provides information and advice about ladies’ health, slimming, and beauty.

Facing varieties of pressure and aging, physical function of men’s bodies decline. The opportunities of suffering kidney deficiency, hair loss, and other health problems will be increased. This column provides information about men’s health issues and health advice.

Infants and children need more care. This column provides pediatric nursing knowledge which parents need to pay attention to.

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, pregnant mother should take good care of their health; so that mother and baby can be more healthy and strong. This column provides information about pregnant mothers prenatal and postnatal care knowledge.