Beware of two things when eating tomatoes



Eat tomatoes, two places must be careful!


Harboring Location: Green tomatoes including tomato base


Tomato lycopene content is the most abundant, with anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-aging, enhance immunity, reduce the chances of prostate cancer role. But it should be noted that, not yet ripe green tomatoes, lycopene can not play the role of nutrition is poor, but it contains toxic glycosides tomato obvious, if a man short intake of tomato base, may be poisoned . It is recommended that the selection of fresh red, ripe tomatoes naturally. Some blue tomato roots, preferably before eating is also disposed of.
Location harboring two: the stems and leaves contain glycoalkaloids


Although in many countries tomato touted, but they are poisonous. While the flesh itself is non-toxic, but its stems and leaves but full of something called glycoalkaloids chemicals. In the wild tomato in higher content of such materials, but the cultivated tomato, or how many have some impact. This kind of thing can lead to stomach disorders and anxiety and tension. Stems and leaves can be used as cooking spices, but must be removed before eating. This chemical is a great utility, in fact, it is often used to de-worming.


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