What snacks can childen eat? Children Snacks recommendation

What child can eat snacks?

Fruits: Fruits are children of all age groups like to eat can also eat food. Fruits contain glucose, fructose, sucrose, easily absorbed; organic acids in the fruit can promote digestion, increase appetite; fruits contain pectin (a soluble dietary fiber), the role of prevention of constipation; fruit or vitamin C The main sources.

Cereal: Food containing carbohydrates more cereal food made by puffing, crisp and easy to digest, can moderate intake. Further optional soft cake of bread, cakes, crackers and other snacks as a child in the afternoon.

Nuts: nuts, such as peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc., greasy higher after manufacture to eat not only the taste is very fragrant, also contains some essential fatty acids the body needs, B vitamins, zinc and other trace elements, which are nutrients kids long body when needed.

Confectionery: sweets snacks pure calorie foods, chocolate, although it contains some protein and fat, but mainly to provide heat, this kind of food nutritional value is not high. Also dessert is one of the causes of dental caries, not as the children often choose snacks.

Ice cream, ice cream category: ice cream, ice cream cold food category is children’s favorite snack food, especially in the hot summer months. Milk as the main raw material of cold food, its nutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates, calcium content is also higher. Due to the high sugar content of these foods, eating more will affect the child’s appetite, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Many children due to poor appetite, yellow face, thin body to the hospital for medical treatment, examination and no organic disease, Chinese medicine doctor said the child, “stomach and”; there are some children because of frequent abdominal pain, hospital diagnosed as “superficial gastritis”, these cold food and bulimia are related.

Homemade baby snacks Featured Recommended

1, love sandwiches

Small pieces of bread, you can mix and match peanut butter, sesame paste, tomato sauce, jam, honey honey, fruit and vegetable pieces, small cheese, omelettes, etc., with plastic wrap to hold the baby to eat.

2, homemade biscuit

With 2 small slices of whole wheat crackers or hard sugar-free soda crackers, non-baked omelet, homemade bread and other dry as embryos, in accordance with the above-mentioned sandwich approach “cook” sandwich material can be. Homemade sandwich material is substantially free of various additives and hydrogenated vegetable oil is harmful to health, in terms of color, taste and nutrition are better than commercially available products.

3, nutritional cookies

Whether sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, taro or yam (both must first steamed), and even rice, tortillas can be used as raw material production, plus some small amount of flour, spices, raw egg and mix thoroughly, you can also join the mess, shrimp Rong , broken dishes, with a little vegetable oil and fry until golden on both sides, either for direct consumption or dipping sauce, are the baby’s favorite.

4, grains Highlights

Steamed or roasted peeled sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, taro, corn, homemade popcorn and other solid food; porridge and cereals, green bean, nutrition cereal circle, nutrition cereals, oat milk, soup and other soups category.

5, cake Gaotuan group

Homemade small Dousha, small steamed corn bread, purple rice cakes, dates sponge cake, fruit material sponge cake, assorted balls (red bean paste, jujube paste, fruit, vegetables, eggs, sweet potatoes, cheese, shrimp and so on can be made rice fillings) are can effectively supplement the baby’s physical exertion.

6, sweet pudding

, Rich in protein and less sugar than the pastry shop sells more healthy, while there will be no way to inhale the trachea like jelly dangerous homemade custard, pudding, fruit pudding.

If the baby does not eat snacks requirements, do not force their children to eat some snacks. Sometimes, the child some stomach hunger will eat the next meal is more beneficial.

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