If Children always get cold, their immune system needed to be strengthen

“Preschool children’s immune, digestive system has not yet fully developed, the present belongs to the most vulnerable stages of immunity, it is vulnerable to cold viruses. Parents want their children to get rid of viruses entangled, away from the cold discomfort, in addition to a balanced diet, intake of different nutrients multi outside, experts advise, but also to enhance the baby’s own immune system.

Modern busy working parents can only choose the child care feeding nursery care. In children without sufficient resistance, did not know how to protect themselves in the case, often as long as there is a children cold, it could easily lead to cross-infection. Under such circumstances, if the parents neglect important daily child care, under the baby immunity, immune function compared to children of the poor in general, the fear will significantly enhance virus, bacteria, cause colds may make cough, runny nose , fever and other flu symptoms appear repeatedly.

Want their children to get rid of viruses entangled, away from the cold discomfort, parents exactly how to do it? Experts said that raising children is the key to immunity.

Trick 1: Drink plenty of water Eat more fruits and vegetables
For preschool children, a balanced diet and adequate intake of water, vitamins are very important, while the consumption of fruits and vegetables that children get opponents said nutrients. Most importantly, phytonutrients contained within the plant, also known as plant-based hormone (phytonutrient), has been proven to increase white blood cells produced in the human body from being infected, forming interferon and antibodies, thereby destroy foreign pathogens, to resist the invasion of bacteria. Especially carrots, oranges, strawberries and other foods rich in vitamin C and carotene, can help boost the immune system are the fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables is one of the pre-school children should be fully ingested.

Trick 2: adequate sleep increase resistance
In addition to a balanced diet, adequate sleep or not, for the development of children’s health, physiological state is also very important. Lack of sleep not only likely to cause children appear inability to concentrate, poor memory and other problems are more likely to cause the body against pathogens and tumor cells, natural killer cells (Natural killer cell) manufacturing deficiency, so the immune system, a substantial decline in immunity, increase in viruses, bacteria may invade.

However, getting adequate sleep, how to define? Different age groups also differ on whether the time? Lin Henggui MD, normal newborns to sleep at least 18 hours a day; one month-old baby for about 12-13 hours, preschool children to get enough sleep at least 10 hours, as for children over 6 years old should sleep at least 8 hours .

Trick 3: to maintain regular exercise habits
Current medical studies have confirmed that moderate exercise helps increase the body’s natural killer cells in total. Therefore, we recommend that children want to improve immunity, parents must let kids exercise more. However, the best way to encourage children to exercise, not their own children at home to go out to urge sports, play, but because personally, together with kids participate in sports, such as cycling, hiking, ball games, etc., from an early age to develop the habit of regular exercise are very good important.

Trick 4: Wash your hands to avoid pathogens
In fact, you want to stay away from pathogenic germs interference, washing hands is very important key to self-protection is the easiest way children perform. Lin Henggui physicians stressed that although hand washing way, not directly boost the immune system, but it does help to reduce the impact of pathogens on immunity. Suggested that parents should let children from childhood before dinner, after blowing your nose, after touching pets, after coming home from school, wash hands with soap cleaning concept.

Trick 5: Avoid secondhand smoke damage the immune system
Cigarettes contain more than 4000 kinds of harmful substances, and second-hand smoke on children’s injury, but also far beyond your imagination! And children’s respiratory rate faster than adults, and the lungs, bronchi and other organs for poison scavenging capacity smaller than adults. Thus, second-hand smoke for children than adults cell damage is more serious, and the immune system has some harmful.

Today’s medical research has also confirmed that secondhand smoke and sudden infant death syndrome in children with bronchial inflammation, otitis media, asthma has a certain relevance, and excessive exposure to secondhand smoke will affect the development of children’s intelligence and nerve.

Trick 6: regular vaccination
In addition to following the above five trick, but also to enhance the periodic vaccination one child protective manner. Currently on the market, whether it is at public expense at their own expense or vaccines have been shown to have some ability to protect against specific pathogens. Parents are advised, as far as possible in accordance with the time course of children vaccinated, against specific pathogens to produce protective antibodies.

Trick 7: Breastfeeding antibodies knife
One addition to the above manner, the Breastfeeding also enhance the baby immunity method. Breast milk is rich in white blood cells and antibodies to help protect babies from infection, and to avoid the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome.

In particular, the first few days after birth the mother secretes colostrum, is rich in a lot of antibodies help the baby resist the intrusion of external germs. And in accordance with clinical studies have shown that breast milk also enhance brain power and prevent type 1 diabetes and type clones produce disease.
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