Reducing children’s sputum can help prevent pneumonia

Children with flu-related pneumonia, throat phlegm kind enough about. Improper diet of children during the cold, the phlegm in the throat developed into pneumonia chances will be higher. Parents to learn after a cold phlegm tips it.
Experts told reporters: “Children with pneumonia caused by the changes in the weather when people are very vulnerable to cold weather, and cold always good without timely treatment, it is easy to become secondary to pneumonia.” He reminded parents that most children with pneumonia in the three days after the occurrence of a cold, so cold three days did not improve the child should see a doctor to the hospital, “especially with a fever three days more to reclaim the child for medical treatment as soon as possible.”
Infant course faster
 “Adam’s apple near neck annular cartilage, called ‘upper respiratory infection’ position on this medicine on the infection, such as a cold, if not cure colds, bacteria will go down along the trachea, bronchus from the trachea to go any further to the lungs, causing pneumonia. “experts Road.
Pathogens causing pneumonia bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses, etc., in most cases, the pathogen would take three days for the infection to the lungs, thus children cold three days yet to see improvement if necessary seek medical advice. Some pathogens are special, one day fever patients have pneumonia, but this is relatively rare in clinical practice.
Experts also remind parents, lower infant’s immune system, colds progress fast change quickly, sometimes within a cold day on the progress into pneumonia. At the same time, infant pneumonia was also good fast, the key is early treatment and thus recommends that infants and young children to parents is the child a cold medical treatment is necessary.
Children have to pay attention shortness of breath
“For children, the number of deaths caused by pneumonia is the most disease,” experts say “not treated, can lead to complications of pneumonia several organs of the body multiple systems, because no pathogens are destroyed, toxins will be deposited in inside the body. For example, can be complicated by pneumonia, myocarditis, heart failure, if the children always had congenital heart disease, immune deficiency, malnutrition and other issues, are more prone to such complications. “clinic, patients with pneumonia complicated by sepsis and death, precisely because of pathogens into the blood, the blood produces toxins caused sepsis.

Experts remind parents, the main symptoms of pneumonia with cough, fever, persistent fever, shortness of breath, parents can find children have respiratory rate and flared his nostrils, mouth breathing, deep breathing and downs and other issues. If these symptoms occur after the baby cold to be especially vigilant.
Life, parents did not see the child a fever relieved, thinking that the problem is not, in fact, a fever is not essential symptoms of pneumonia, fever, cold but not the same children at risk of pneumonia.
Physician reminders
Expectoration help prevent pneumonia
Many patients with cold throat phlegm, sputum relationship with pneumonia very close. Experts remind parents, higher sputum present in the respiratory tract harmfulness, throat phlegm people than did sputum chances of human infection with pneumonia, as a breeding ground for pathogens in sputum. In addition, in the treatment of pneumonia, phlegm is also very important, but also aggravate the symptoms of respiratory phlegm pneumonia, pneumonia delay improvement rate.
Shoot back expectorant
Sputum is the body’s waste, harmful to the body, it is best to flush out. Adult muscles strong, they can usually cough up the phlegm. Infant muscle strength is weak, difficult expectoration autonomy, parents can learn about, “shot back expectorant Law”, the auxiliary baby will cough up phlegm. The specific method is to let children prone on the bed, the parents back arched form of a hollow shape, from the bottom up, beat the child’s back, by vibration sputum easier to flush out along the trachea. Experts remind parents to pay attention to the way the beat can not be beat with solid hands, use hollow palm shoot, otherwise poor expectoration effect. As you might understand the operation consult a professional nurse, in addition, can also assist the hospital physiotherapy expectorant.
Do not eat sweets and cold drinks
Parents also need to pay attention to the diet of children. Some parents think that “can not eat fruit cough with phlegm, because the fruit is cold” experts believe that this is a misconception, nutritional intake on physical rehabilitation is extremely important, children should maintain a normal diet, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water to help the body recover. His years of clinical experience, found that eating sweets, cold drink, eat potato chips and other junk food will increase cough, increased sputum volume, real unfit to eat. If the weather is cold, parents should pay attention to the children warm, keep the room air circulation.
There are many folk prescription cough and phlegm, the type of drug is also very much phlegm, sputum physicians generally based on the characteristics of the patient’s condition and other symptomatic choice, parents should not be administered privately.
In addition, for more than six months in immunocompetent children pneumonia vaccine injection can also reduce the incidence of pneumonia.
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