CAUTION! Winter diet may induced gout



In winter, people enjoy unbridled pot, fill soup, gout but in the shadows ready to attack you. Gout is a body Neipu Lin (Purine, also known as purine) metabolism disorders, high blood uric acid concentration, medically known as hyperuricemia, generally refers to per 100 milliliters of blood, uric acid males than 7 mg, women more than 6 mg. Excessive uric acid and sodium will be combined to form uric acid salt crystals gradually deposited in joints, tendons, cartilage, around the kidneys, provoke the body’s white blood cells to attack, once the disease, the joints (especially the lower extremity joints) will be swelling, fever extreme pain.



Winter is not just eat less move, easy to gain weight, it has always been a season of good hair gout. A cold weather, people will naturally addicted to eating high-calorie, high-fat, high-protein foods, plus the warm pot, fill all kinds of soup, after a long stew, soup in all with a lot of Princeton, but the heat is not low, all-induced gout dangerous elements. Plus year-end close, year-end banquet, wedding continue, inevitably drink a few glasses of wine, as well as the Lunar New Year’s rich cuisine, people eat and drink too many opportunities presumptuous of uric acid would have been too high for people who no doubt is raised gout paid off, if not control, satiated, the same evening is likely to gout.

Although medical research found that a strict diet to lower blood uric acid can not bring tangible results, however, ignored and continue to indulge in food and drink, absolutely no good, the results are often let suddenly soared high uric acid levels, even to the normal 1 to 2 times, very easy for gout attack again. Moreover, hyperuricemia and gout There are several inseparable friends ── high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure in patients who merger, these medical conditions and poor diet are closely related, so it can not be placed diet side no matter what.


If you also affected by uric acid leading to joint pain, recommend taking Herbs “sour speed off”, clinical evidence, can play in 1 hour efficiency, rapid reduction in blood acidity, reduce pain, with celery seed, green tea, catlike vine, yeast zinc, selenium yeast five kinds of fast-acting formula, the patented ingredient play 10 times, just for taking seven days will be able to drop acid 34%.

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