Common urban disease – headache

In Hong Kong, a headache is a very common, but often despised disease. When we suffer from headache, often just take some medicine to relieve the condition. But do not say I do not know, cause more headaches for many reasons, may be stroke, encephalitis, brain tumors and even alarm, how can we ignore this important message it?
1. headache formed mainly divided into three categories, namely, disease-related headaches, nervous headache and neurological decline weak headache. Many headaches are formed with a different disease. Brain tumors can make the brain pressure increases, and then turn to the oppression of the meninges and cause headaches. If you lie down or coughing, but will make the headache worse. Such headaches are generally most severe in the morning, there will be vomiting, blurred vision of the situation. In addition to brain tumors, high blood pressure can also cause headache symptoms appear largely in the morning.
2. nervous headache is very common. When the head muscle tension contraction, the head of state will be tight or oppression was. When our life is not the law, smoking or excessive drinking, lack of sleep can cause this type of headache.
3. neurasthenic headache is one of the main causes of headache. Such headaches are generally due to the excessive use of our brain, fatigue, and sleep forget meals, working around the clock to form, is a common mental patients.
If case you readers headache, may wish to refer to the following methods to improve the current situation. Of course, if the situation is serious, it can not be taken lightly, take the initiative to find a family doctor.
1. If you have a headache from stress, we must find the root causes of stress, and try to solve. At the same time, the reader can also take some high quality Cordyceps capsules help relieve stress.
2. regular exercise, plenty of sleep, smoking cessation is the only way to avoid headaches.
3. To maintain the correct posture, to avoid long neck bent down, and often massage the forehead and temples, have helped to relieve the headache.
4. stale air can cause headaches, therefore, avoid poorly ventilated spaces can prevent headaches from occurring.
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