Knowing how to stay young by enriching blood



Hong Kong many professional women, work and daily avalanche of pressure, wait until the body and Gui and residues, nor dark complexion
Scarlet, appeared earlier lack of blood, the color classes and wrinkles and other signs of aging. TCM pointed out that women are not in addition to their innate
Foot, the long-term fatigue, excessive stress, irregular and unbalanced diet can cause blood deficiency, the formation of dark complexion Cang
White, apathetic can not concentrate, easy to dizziness.


So the young woman and want to maintain a healthy physique, should always blood, Yin and kidney. Just the right tonic foods, you can do back ruddy healthy woman.

CordycepsCordyceps into the lung and kidney two classics, to lung and kidney, Yin and fill up, sweet natured, complement rather than dry, but both Yifei kidney yin yang, it is most suitable for qi

Blood and yin, regulate bodily functions.


As long as women supplement the blood, the body will naturally be more spirit! According to Northeast Normal University study reported that unique truffle
A large number of polysaccharides and truffles androstan Jiong, proved “80% improvement in physical fitness, with 72% oxygen lifting force.” Thunbergii
Oxygen can reveal the lungs into the blood stream through the blood vessels to various organs, reduce the burden on the heart, so that the brain blood vessels
More healthy, is to enhance the body with oxygen force, the Qi and address the problem of inadequate blood supply, thereby improving dizziness, chills,
Tired, pale and other symptoms, to help you reduce aging and restore youthful.
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