Say bye to strawberry nose! 7 Great Tips for removing blackheads

Strawberry nose friend, now teach you a few simple methods, the nose may become spotless!
A recipe: honey honey cleanser
Buy a bottle of honey, time to wash every day and face challenges together in a little cleanser inside, every morning and evening adhere to drink honey water, effective to blackheads, skin becomes thin and slippery, a little bit rosy feeling.
Secret two: tomato mask
Tomato puree with lemon slices, add a little flour and mix well Serve. Apply to face for about 30 minutes and wash. Remove dead cells, deep clean the skin, convergence skin, blackheads and oily skin are particularly effective. There are clean, whitening, sedation.
Secret three: the egg membrane
The film was taken down on the eggshell attached to the nose, straighten it and then use a small hair dryer to dry it, and so close and then taken down. This is very OK! Insisted several times, not only to remove blackheads, but also can shrink pores.
Secret four: milk salt to Black
1, preferably not used salt can be opened in just loaded up a separate vial;
2, each with 4 to 5 drops of milk against the salt, the salt in the semi-dissolved state began to massage;
3, because this time there is still not completely dissolved salt particles, so when massage must be very, very small force;
4, wash with water after half a minute, not too long;
5, in order to allow the skin to re-secretion clean oil protection, so after washing not to rub anything in the washed skin.
Recipe five: egg white to Black
1, ready to clean cotton pad and thick cotton pad originally torn into thin slices, the thinner the better;
2, open an egg, the yolk protein and separate, leaving the protein part of the stand;
3, will tear thin cotton pad after the immersion protein, after a slight drain attached to the nose;
4, wait ten to fifteen minutes, carefully remove the rear until the sponge dry.
Recipe six: salt
After washing the face while the skin is not dry, salt (cooking salt on it) amount painted on the nose playing circle massage, you will feel slowly melting salt (even using a thin salt), continue to massage, more than ten minutes (he can feel) washed with water!
Note: Peas like a wound or skin will certainly hurt, caution; sensitive skin who do not promote the use of the method.
Secret seven: rice
Ends rice squeeze gently in the face of a small group that would have brought down the dirt every steaming. It is said that with this another way, not beauty, skin can be very good! Action: Use balls to the face gently rolling, and then you can wash up.
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