Improve living habits to relieve dry eyes



Dry eyes problem has become more common. Studying, long-term staring at a computer, to be too long in the air-conditioned room, frequently wearing contact lenses, lack of sleep, too much pressure, long-distance driving, long-term drugs, etc., may also induce dry eye syndrome. Long-term dry eye patients may suffer from eye pain or blurred vision which can cause severe conjunctival or corneal damage.


“Pay attention to lifestyle, away from dry eye is the most fundamental way.” Experts called not stay up late, having adequate sleep.
We should know how to release pressure, let the eye rest 5-10 minutes after staring at the computer for 40 minutes.
In addition, the eyelids and eyelashes dirt makes dry eyes problem even more severe.
To pay attention to clean, we can use a hot towel to cover our eyes so as to lower eye fatigue.
And remember to consume enough water, vitamins, Omega-3 and other nutrients. In addition, in  dry air-conditioned room and office air conditioning working environment, we can place a plant and a glass of water on the table.
Improve the entire humidity in the room is also a simple method to alleviate dry eyes.


When choosing health supplements for eyes, we should pay attention to the followings:

1) Blueberry eye is a well known antioxidant. However, the Nordic wild blueberries (Bilberry) has 10 times Anthocyanins than the normal planting blueberries (Blueberry). Its antioxidant capacity is 20 times of vitamin C, 50 times of vitamin E is which can quickly promote the regeneration of rhodopsin, repair lens of the eye.
2) and lutein, zeaxanthin are all indispensable macular carotenoids in the retina is the macula
An important component. Zeaxanthin mainly concentrated in the central region of the macula, lutein is concentrated in the surrounding area. therefore,
More intake helps prevent eye degeneration, in particular the prevention of aging macular issues. Since lutein and zeaxanthin have antioxidant
Aging effect, you can filter blue light (emitted light depends on the electronic screen harmful) to eliminate free radicals, making the vision more precise and reduce UV
Wire damage the retina; in addition, they are the only carotenoids may be present in the crystal, the crystal can protect against free
Group, and the invasion of harmful light and protect eyes.

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