Review of the men’s “kidney” mystery

“Impotence” is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine symptom name, most probably with white metaphor “sex” the ability to be related. Men’s sexual activity, when the sperm into the female body, the penis contains a central channel, called the urethra, which is surrounded by spongy tissue cylinder. Before sexual intercourse, erectile spongy tissue congestion and, in this state man to enter the vagina, the sperm cells into the female body in the process of ejaculation. In this state, the male body to have strong muscles, healthy blood vessels and the heart can afford to load this harmony realm.
Thus, men in town Ruoyi following situations such as: dizziness, tinnitus, cold extremities, weak waist, memory loss, clouded urine foam urine emission, more frequent urination urine, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, premature aging , alopecia, has obviously the current situation of Chinese medicine called “impotence.” At this point, should not lust, intercourse reduced until the physical conditioning to be good. Most men think they can eat some impotence drugs, hastening look, you can cool vivre. This is extremely dangerous, because most contain aphrodisiac medicine are enhanced genital blood flow, so that the penis erection congestion briefly, after strenuous exercise, is likely to cause arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, or stroke and so on.
With cloudy urine, Western medicine will not necessarily be diagnosed as a kidney problem, not necessarily a protein appears in the urine is not normal, because normal healthy person will excrete a small amount of protein, about 100-150 mg per day. Proteins from the kidney excretion from, but can also come from the lower urinary tract, and even sperm.
Diet, the traditional Liuweidihuang pill can reduce the compound’s gonorrhea cases. Some big brands of kidney products, ingredients in Tuckahoe, dogwood, Epimedium, etc. can be for kidney premature ejaculation, energy atrophy extravagant. Ganoderma spore can Bugan, clearing the blood of toxins. Diet, Yuba ginkgo porridge, efficacy Bushenyifei, premature ejaculation, enuresis problem is very effective. Pig Run, kidney also is a delicious meal of liver and kidney blood nourishing food.
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