To maintain intestinal health, clean enterotoxin and readjust gut function

Row enterotoxin clear then readjusted to maintain intestinal health




Urbanite difficult defecation is widespread, according to the survey, about 1 million people in Hong Kong have bowel problems, among women, according to many. No bowel problems mainly due to the timing of food, lack of water, lack of exercise, sedentary office, toilet delay time, pressure caused colon muscle tension. If one week defecation, there will have bad breath, acne, and often fart belly Valley and other issues. Some people can not stand them swelled will take laxatives, which not only failed to help, but will make the stomach made dependent, so that bowel function worse. Places to facilitate long-term accumulation of the large intestine, water will be closed to make the stool becomes dry and hard, and will adhere in the large intestine, producing toxins, but will also induce severe intestinal illnesses, so to maintain normal bowel movements and regulation of intestinal health, absolutely not ignored.




The real intestinal health, is to make the balance of intestinal bacteria, allowing bacteria to inhibit bad bacteria. We should be clear stool toxin to intestinal emptying, and then enhance the intestinal immune system, strengthen intestinal health. To effectively clear the stool, it should be taken with natural ingredients smooth, such as figs in addition to help digestion, but also increase the volume of the intestines and relax with action; tamarind pulp is rich in crude fiber, helps regulate bowel movement and removal of the digestive system hazardous substances; rhubarb can help bowel movement, so there is plenty of water going to the toilet, softening stool; intestinal stool and toxins so fast emptying, intestinal health and strengthen, optionally containing aloe Mexico, because it has eight kinds of human body can not essential amino acids, enzymes be synthesized and precious mucopolysaccharides ingredient total of eight kinds of 42 billion probiotics can adjust the ecological balance of intestinal bacteria, increased intestinal motility own force, and the strengthening of bad bacteria resistance. This will clear every week persevere on protecting intestinal procedures, must make themselves stronger and intestinal health.
To emptying stool and maintain intestinal health, the choice of Herbs Lashi get through the intestinal tract and Herbs

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