Eczema knowledge



Eczema, also known as “dermatitis” is used to describe the state of the skin after stimulation or inflammation effects occur. Eczema can be mainly divided into two categories: contact eczema (exogenous eczema): Due to some substances or chemicals irritate the skin caused by allergic reactions; “physical nature” eczema (endogenous eczema): Affected by the effect of gene or genetic disease.


Eczema and dry itchy skin, sometimes induce scales. Cracked skin, redness and inflammation, and thus vulnerable to infection. After skin infection, bacteria survive in the skin surface, the liquid can flow (wet eczema), hardening or scarring. Different types of eczema affected site may be different. In general, the causes of eczema is unknown, or were caused by many factors. Eczema is usually in the family inheritance, but not by contact between people and spread. Chemicals, detergents, soap or shampoo can irritate the skin. Some originally did not have the irritating substances in the skin to become sensitive skin will react.


There are different types of eczema, their causes and symptoms will be slightly different.


Atopic eczema:

This is the most common type. “Atopic” is the term used to describe a family tends prone to different allergies, including asthma, hay fever and eczema. Atopic eczema usually affects the face, trunk, back of the knees and elbows forward. This eczema usually occurs in childhood, it is estimated that about 15-20% of the incidence of children, most of which will be self-limiting in adulthood, but about 2-3% of children whose eczema will continue into adulthood.


Allergic contact eczema:

Produced when the body’s immune system to substances contacting the skin resistance response. The rash usually appears first on the
The reaction caused by skin contact with the material position may subsequently spread to other sites. For example: jewelry contains
Nickel can cause earlobe, eczema around the wrist and neck. Other substances may cause this type of eczema include
Rubber and perfume.

Irritant contact eczema:

This type of eczema because the skin often caused by exposure to a substance, such as soap or shampoo
Contained in the cleaning agents. Hands most prone to this type of eczema.


Seborrheic eczema:

Very rare. Rash is oily, affects the position including the scalp, face, armpits, groin and chest skin. Some experts believe called “dander tooth cell bacteria (pityrosporum) ‘yeast, is the cause of this eczema. When this type of eczema affect the baby’s scalp, called “cradle cap.”


Varicose eczema:

Usually occurs in the lower leg with varicose veins and related disorders Xunhuanxitong. Skin (usually located in the ankle) have scaly, itchy and inflamed.


Lump type of eczema:

Arm and leg, patients are usually middle-aged men. This eczema is characterized by a large number of round massive rash appears.


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