When men turn 40, kidney disease comes easily



Men into 40, slowed metabolism, functional decline. Plus more for the male breadwinner soil,
Long-term fatigue, irregular diet, kidney over time so that a serious shortage. Angle in Chinese medicine
Of “kidney is not true, not old people,” contains the spiritual vitality of renal everyday needs of the body, internal organs
The yin and yang organs supplied by the kidney, kidney weak will lead to systemic dysfunction, easy to consume vitality
, Physically weak and easy fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy and less hair loss and other signs of aging.


To reply to the young man must ensure that adequate kidney, in order to keep the body and appearance young.
TCM pointed out, “Some men kidney excessive wasted, early white hair or hair loss,
Easy fatigue and lack of energy, in particular the appearance of aging, affect the relationship between husband and wife. Instead kidney
Gas proper maintenance man, is energetic, plenty of energy, between husband and wife sweet
Ever, looks younger than those who wasted. “In traditional Chinese medicine to strengthening the economy by
Outside to the outer comprehensive insurance kidney. Taking medicine kidney special party every day, you can stay young
In order to improve the aging qi and blood circulation problems caused by insufficient kidney.

According to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the recession and nourish the body supplemented with a great relationship. In traditional Chinese medicine can also for related issues, such as Ganoderma lucidum, Epimedium, dogwood and other three men
St. Paul kidney medicine, Salvia and Poria with fuses, can achieve security kidney, qi and blood effect, no longer plagued by the recession.

Herbs “vitality Kidney” developed from the use of expensive medicine, specifically for the problems caused by kidney deficiency.

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