Germs transmit quickly, families easily get infected



Ganoderma spore strong immune resistance to disease invasion


Hong Kong has entered the peak period of influenza, easy to make at home to germs spread quickly from person to person manner,
A sick family member can lead to a family also speed defeated. Enhance the immune cells is
The only method of resistance, but working parents live busy schedule instability, coupled with the lack of
Lack of exercise, the immune system is constantly destroyed. The beginning of school children, adolescents, long nights sleep,
Elderly, are also high-risk family, parents must pay attention to conditioning function, enhance physical fitness, not afraid
Carrier to the children. Take good care of your family, eating only the timing ganoderma spores, a family
Shield, hit go germs!


Study: Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides activate immune cells

The body’s own immune system to protect the body from disease threats, among macrophages, helping to neutralize, sabotage, and even disease prevention, disease resistance is an important line of defense. Thus, the number of macrophages, the more difficult it bacteria invade the body, but are urban people’s living habits and Huanjingwuran, cause the body’s resistance to disease greatly reduced! Fortunately, clinical pharmacology and further confirmed, Ganoderma spore contains polysaccharides, can increase the immune cells, effectively enhance the immune cells, full activation of the immune system, help eliminate hidden the body of harmful elements, to prevent infection epidemics.


TCM: Ganoderma spore is precious Chinese medicine

Most people infected, mostly Western medicine tends to treatment, although the surface can quickly alleviate the symptoms, the body has forced more and more dependent on the drug, the immune system fails to play to their antibacterial effect. Chinese medicine refers to: “Ganoderma spore has been China,” Pharmacopoeia “collection contains precious Chinese medicine, is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine point of view, prevention is better than cure, and the State will help the positive and make up organs of righteousness, that is, strengthening the body’s immune system administration. broken fungus spores can effectively enhance the immune system, regulating body functions, nourish the body organs is to promote human health and longevity medicine. Further, in addition to strengthening the immune system, the more broken fungus spores can strengthen efforts cycle, stable three-high. ”


Best high breakage rate effect more easily absorbed

Performance depends on the level of broken Ganoderma spore rate, taking not broken spores, only 12% effective
Ingredients are absorbed by the body. Instead, spores broken after the absorption rate of more than 95%. By local universities solid
Card, the higher the rate of broken ganoderma spores can retain the active ingredients, so that the stomach can be directly absorbed play Xeon
Health. Consumers must choose carefully broken Ganoderma spore high rate.


Stronger immune steady three high, Recommend: Herbs Ganoderma spore

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