Gout, only one step away from uremia!

Q & A gout
Question One: People say gout is a rich man’s disease, gout in the end is what disease?

A: Gout is a disease with a genetic in nature, caused by high uric acid concentration in the final analysis is the liver and kidney problem.
In addition to the central nervous system, urate deposition in the body can cause inflammation of the throat and many other parts of the 50% -90% of all disease in the toe hair, which is the first joint of refraction, for the following reasons:
Body end, low temperature;
Relatively large degree of motion, local conditions acidity
Relatively large force, per unit area, the site of the highest stress
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Question two: I heard that gout patients are mostly men, but also heard of gout women, like to ask what people tend to get gout?

A: The middle-aged men over the age of 40 is a high-risk population, the general incidence of postmenopausal women if no less, of course, there are some secondary gout, if you have kidney disease, high blood uric acid may cause gout.
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Question three: I have been tortured by gout rather die, I take to cure gout, for the indicators tended to be normal, which indicators should I check?
A: ① blood uric acid, creatinine, urea nitrogen.
Normal male serum creatinine 53-106gmol / L, women 44.2-97.2gmol / L. Urea nitrogen normal index is: 2.86-7.14mmol / L
② liver function tests
Check liver function is very important for the choice of drugs. Febuxostat, benzbromarone may cause serious liver damage, so in the course of medication should be closely followed up liver function.
③ blood sugar, blood lipids measured, kidney B ultrasound
Long-term hyperuricemia, gout patients with renal urate deposition often there may even be a crystalline urate stones, kidney and therefore to each B-gout sufferers who are necessary, both to understand the situation of renal involvement can also choose a doctor explain uric acid lowering drugs.
④ dual-energy CT
⑤ joint ultrasound
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Question four: diet alone is not able to prevent gout attacks yet?
Answer: False. Reducing foods high in purine intake is an effective way to prevent gout.
However, if multiple gout attacks within a year, the doctor needs to be based on actual patient drug treatment condition.
Obesity is also a risk factor for gout, so weight loss can also reduce gout.
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Question five: high uric acid is the main influence which organ?
A: arthritis, gout and kidney disease is the most important complications due to joint pain Pfeiffer common concern of everyone, and so a lot of occult renal disease in patients with gout guard, but unknowingly let into gout patients the ranks of patients with renal failure. Gouty nephropathy, also known as uric acid nephropathy, about 17-25% of gout patients due to renal failure and death. Previous gouty nephropathy accounts for only 1% of the hemodialysis patients, but experts predict that the next 10 years, due to gout and kidney failure due to diabetes will account for more than 50% of hemodialysis patients!
Mentioned hemodialysis, medical expenses, and there is no need to calculate the cost of time, many have heard around. It is absolutely devastating to a family and patient! For the disease, gout or Others, whether we do this: There is early treatment, if any, time prevention!
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Question six: a typical example of what is gout?
A: The typical hair of joint pain is often awakened in the middle of the night, the pain more severe in 6 to 12 hours to reach the peak, was tearing, knife-like or like biting, unbearable. Joint pain can occur swelling and burning, skin tight, touch obvious pain, limited joint mobility.
More pain in a few days or two weeks to relieve itself, back to normal. First attack occurred a single joint, more than 50% occur in the toes, instep, heel, ankle, knee and other joints may also occur.
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Question seven: gout patients can eat what fruit, what fruit do not eat?
A: purine and fructose strawberry relatively high and high oxalic acid content, and if high calcium foods with food, can cause urinary tract stones, the impact of urine, gout patients is recommended to eat less.
Cherries contain a magical phytochemicals – anthocyanins that removes free radicals generated by human metabolism, has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects at the same time, reduce pain in patients with gout. Every day should eat 20.
Kiwi can eat high vitamin C content, VC can promote the dissolution of the organization urate.
Eat high sugar content of fruit: raisins, dried persimmons, dried dates, dried longan, jackfruit, banana, coconut, fresh dates, red fruit; appropriate to eat less sugar fruits: watermelon, melon, lemon, apricot, plum; more eat more fruits containing vitamin C: prickly pear, jujube, black currant, guava, kiwi; appropriate to eat purple fruit: grapes, blueberries, raspberries;
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Question Eight: What gout patients eat seafood?
A: purine content of the monomer few animals, such as sea cucumber and jellyfish can eat;
Fresh scallops moderate purine content, gout remission can be eaten in moderation. But the high purine content scallops, gout patients disabled. Scallop visceral much eating to pay attention to, use a toothpick to pick organs.
Crab and lobster moderate purine content of foods, in patients with acute gout attack is disabled, remission can be small amount of food. Crab high cholesterol, eat! Not more than two times a week, every 1-2 just enough. Lobster cholesterol is not high, can be eaten in moderation in remission.
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Question nine: gout patients can drink wine?
A: The main components of wine ethanol, in vivo metabolism of lactic acid, lactic acid and uric acid are, the more lactic acid, uric acid excretion less, and can lead to high blood Ph value, so gout patients to drink as little as possible.
 Distilled wine into wine (ie wine) and non-distilled alcohol (wine, beer, wine), wherein the non-distilled spirits high purine content. Beer, wine contain high purine, but red wine contains antioxidants, vasodilators, anticoagulants, “Lancet” magazine found that “the right amount of red wine can slightly reduce uric acid.” However, gout patients can not drink beer, not to drink vintage wine.
Because vintage wine acidity increased after being oxidized by oxygen. Therefore, patients with gout, it should be contraindicated in wine rankings are as follows:

Vintage wine> Beer> fresh wine> wine> wine
Finally, you send a song gout sufferers:
Wine is fine grain, high purine content;
Drinking alkaline water, slowly lowering uric acid;
To drink beverages, coffee, tea right amount;
Protein essential, the most suitable degreasing.

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