Sleep and health



Sleep is the body’s main way of relaxing, its main function is to eliminate body fatigue and promote physical recovery. After a day of exertion, the body really depends on sleep to repair the body’s wear and tear, synthesis and add a variety of nutrients, while metabolites produced during clean-up activities. World Sleep Association pointed out that if the lack of night for three or more hours of sleep, the body’s immune system can lead to a 50% reduction. In addition, the American researcher also found that lack of sleep can cause the body’s immune cell activity diminished capacity by 28%, but after a full night’s sleep, the body’s immune system will once again get a complete recovery. Meanwhile, the human growth hormone is controlled about 70 percent of the growth hormone is produced during sleep, and is proportional to the number of times the secretion of deep sleep.




Many people think that sleep better, but the study found that people who sleep for a long time, they sleep in the first and second phases (light sleep) a larger proportion; less people sleep, the third, four (deep sleep) larger proportion. Therefore, the bed too long or too many times, it will affect the quality of sleep, so sometimes there will be more sleep the more confused feeling. Oversleeping also changed the “sleeping” and “awakening” of the normal cycle, disrupting the body’s biological clock; the brain in the long term in the inhibition of the body’s physiological and metabolic activity drops too low, but bad for your health. Thus, sleep is not possible, but the amount of sleep is really needed is healthy.


Most studies have shown that the vast majority of adults sleep about 8 hours a day (although there are individual differences among certain extent). Age also affects the daily duration of sleep is an important factor, with increasing age, sleep time of day will be reduced.


Neonatal 17-18hours
1years old 13-14hours
4years old 10-12hours
10years old 9-10hours
20years old 7.5-8hours
65years old 6.5hours


To measure the adequacy of sleep, plenty can be decided whether the next day sober and effort. In general, as long as they fall asleep fast (less than half an hour) and the degree of deep sleep, even on six hours sleep a night can be sufficiently refreshment.


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