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According to the survey, more than one hundred million people in Hong Kong allergic person, including babies and adults. Humidity is frequent skin-tight red hot and itchy, red skin, dry and thickened, and even burst situation. Turn the weather, life stress or weakened immunity humidity will cause the attack, the skin will be itchy harder and harder, unable to sleep through the night, some may even make patients have inferiority complex, both in Richangshenghuo, academic and career, are subject to Serious impact.
Intolerable itching disease repeatedly

Eczema is hereditary, appear allergic to substances or food, is a common allergic skin
Problems often occur on the inside of the face, wrists, elbows and knees, and may also appear in
Thigh, calf, some more serious occur in the body. Usually appears itchy, dry and red hot
May exist in skin crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, bleeding or oozing of the situation. wet
When the itchy skin rash attack harder and harder, unable to sleep at night. More patients due to skin damage caused by scratching
, Affecting the appearance, some may even make patients have inferiority complex, intended to reduce social activities, regardless
On Richangshenghuo, academic and career have been seriously affected.


Eczema is not a specific cause, but generally the skin of eczema patients have certain comparative sensitizing substance
sense. Because the skin to fight against these substances, thereby triggering eczema symptoms include: itchy, dry, red
And inflammation.
Eczema, also known as atopic eczema: Eczema can be described as a hereditary, usually occurs in the family have allergies or
Asthma calendar babies. Because there have been certain changes in the gene, eczema usually among family members
Simultaneously, although still not fully understood Learn more changes in these genes.

Seasonal Eczema: Eczema spring and summer caused by Rehan Khan, also known as herpes, is a good fat in the hands and feet of eczema in the hands, fingers and soles of the feet side, there will be like a transparent pearl-like small blisters, blisters the size about 1 to 5 mm, occasionally large blisters appear, usually accompanied by moderate to severe itching. Usually when the most powerful itching blisters just made, after itching decreased gradually formed annular scaling or peeling. One of the reasons is hot, so sweat herpes occur in the late spring and summer. The lack of fat, also known as winter eczema eczema: As the name suggests, is to reduce eczema because the skin surface lipids, caused.
Allergens allergy: the patient’s immune system, rendering the exception sensitive to the surrounding environment or food of certain substances (called “allergens”) allergy, but the substance itself is harmless. Allergens allergy vary, but common household allergens include dust mites, irritating detergent or soap, perfume, pollen, animal hair and wool clothing. In addition, environmental heat, temperature changes and the patient’s mood and stress resistance, can make eczema symptoms become more severe. To food, milk, eggs, peanuts and seafood often regarded as food allergens cause eczema.

Chronic eczema, eczema is caused by internal factors, while the shape of the outside. Eczema does have some reason still unknown
And numerous internal cause of eczema, vary, the performance of the external symptoms also vary.If you can identify the substances of their own emergence eczema, you can try to avoid eczema. However, wet
Rash predisposition is born. However, many children overcome eczema, there are some examples of wet
Unexplained rash and sudden deterioration. So far there are still many mysteries not unlock eczema.


According to medical statistics, 50% of eczema patients worsen asthma and other allergies. Hong Kong, about 18 percent of babies with eczema, the incidence was as follows:
Onset period: after birth 2-6 months
The peak of the disease: 2-3 years
60% at 1 year of age of onset
80% incidence in the age of 5
90% 15 years ago got better

As children grow up, will gradually improve eczema, eczema when they can be cured, is unique and individual. Many people before the age of 5 have improved significantly; most people’s symptoms to the age of 10 will be eliminated, and only after the individual as well as adult eczema problems.

Herbs Research blow off humidity

Although the medical community has yet to find a cure method of humidity, but generally are steroids to relieve symptoms, but continued use can cause permanent damage to the skin, reducing the skin’s own defense force. Herbs cure skin sensitization was developed by American experts, carefully carefully selected seven kinds of special effects components for a variety of problems caused by eczema discomfort and hit the root causes of the formation of humidity, improve sensitive itchy problem. Patented ingredient HIDROX®, are specially made from natural olive juice, the antioxidant polyphenol concentration than olive oil * 300 strong. The element of a number of international patents and research confirms, is widely used to improve symptoms of eczema, including reducing red hot skin damage and promote wound healing, improve skin quality, improve the body immunity, is designed for eczema and provided a non-steroidal natural product.
Empirical research 80% off eczema

Herbs cure skin sensitization selection won six US and international patents, clinical improvement in 80% Positive eczema skin problems ^ 50% of skin damage red hot #, can enhance the body immunity from interference and inhibition of microbial growth of skin and so on. Product does not contain Western drug ingredients, manufactured by the US pharmaceutical GMP through different security testing, monitoring product, proven safe and effective, we are a professional eczema people, confidence in the election.


100% natural ingredients 6 U.S. Patent

* Humidity skin damage
* Itchy skin red hot
* Dry skin irritation
* Skin cracking and peeling
* Damage caused by scratching oozing blister
* Reduce long-term use of steroids


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