Relations between joint and exercise



We have different body joint, the bone and bone connected together, are connected by ligaments and organizations outside the muscle, responsible for driving the joints, resulting in different activities. And also the labor movement, the movement of the body’s different requirements for different body posture and movement, in general, the attitude and actions of the joint performance requirements, we will be more than Richangshenghuo rest of the joint high performance requirements, for example pitching motion of the shoulder, tennis elbow when batting, running the knee and so on ……


Exercise and more prone to joint problems, so when the movement needs to be aware that “FITT”;
F is FREQUENCY (number of movements), I was (load during exercise) INTENSITY,
T is the (time required for movement) TIME, T is the TYPE (for what type of movement).If excessive movement or excessive, it will cause too much burden on the joints, in addition to likely
Therefore injured joints, muscles, etc., there are also likely to strain the joints, induced pain at any time


Protect joints most important thing is to know how to know how to avoid hurting the joints and strong joint assembly; the right sport or labor, decent muscles (strength, endurance, flexibility, etc.), the appropriate size (but heavy or too light), adequate rest, but also to protect some of the points of articulation. Meanwhile, nutritional status is also very important, the joint has a good nutrition, a new array of normal metabolism, is also an important element of the joint health! If you have joint strain or injury, the cartilage within the joint may also have loss will produce pain, then choose some of the articular cartilage healthy food helpful, if the articular cartilage can improve the health of joints can recover better, you can reduce the pain!


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