Vitamins help preventing hair loss

Hair loss is a love-hate relationship problems before the ten bald nine-rich, but the rich do not want to bald, hair loss, especially more female friends. Severe hair loss is possible for the parties to the development of growing frustration, because that on the whole face of the visual impact is influential. Therefore global afflictions of men and women hesitate to spend a lot of money, just want a complete head dense hair.
Why are more and more common hair loss? The main reason is the pressure, life stress, work pressure, the pressure on children to take care of, along with peer pressure and so on, of course, otherwise factors other diseases. The cause or causes of hair loss temporarily in this discussion, today mainly to talk about, how through simple and effective vitamin supplement to prevent hair loss.
We all know that prevention is better than cure, but also easy to overlook the usual preventive health care. May also have heard taking vitamins in the prevention of some diseases not effective, but if the lack of vitamins and minerals that may produce disease will be more. Problems hair or hair loss is so. Let’s see how simply taking vitamin supplements to prevent hair loss.
Vitamin A can control the sebum secretion
Skin or hair health, vitamin A has been shown to be helpful elements. Its hair growth is to make the hair follicle vitamin A acid (Retinoic Acid) is formed, another function is to make sebum secretion.
Sebum is an oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin of the table generated. Without vitamin A to promote the secretion of sebum, the hair will be presented dry condition. Once the hair dries chance that hair loss will increase many times over. Vitamin A effect on hair can be applied directly to food or way to supplement.
Vitamin B complex makes hair grow thick
Vitamin group comprising B2 (Riboflavin), B12 (Cobalamin), B3 (Nicotinicacid Acid) and so on, B-complex vitamin supplement is special, especially vegetarians, because the presence of most of the B vitamins egg or animal food, which is reason why vegetarians relatively easy to hair loss.
Further hair structure also contains vitamins B, B-complex supplement so let hair strengthening health and lush. And vitamins A and B, are antioxidants, so the hair cell protection, had good results. Since the hair structure contains B vitamins, vitamin B complex supplement it, allowing dense hair healthy and shiny, improve the blood supply of hair follicles to accelerate hair growth.
Vitamin C to promote collagen formation
The hair is a form of the protein, and vitamin C can promote the formation of hair in particular collagen. Vitamin C robustness of the hair and prevent hair loss have a considerable effect. Of course, vitamin C antioxidant capacity, but also to hair cells to be protected.
Vitamin D to improve the robustness of the hair
Vitamin D can directly improve the robustness of the hair and prevent hair loss has been demonstrated in the literature. The most important is vitamin D can promote other nutrients and minerals, such as iron, calcium absorption and help the healthy growth of hair. In addition vitamin D makes the hair growth cells strengthen, making hair thick and shiny.
Vitamin E to improve the formation of sebum
Sebum on the importance of hair before said. Vitamin E with its superior antioxidant power to protect hair and hair follicle cells, to allow normal sebum secretion, improve hair dry conditions. Also Vitamin E can also promote blood circulation and through the help of hair growth rate.
Finally, mention about vitamin D deficiency on the hair. Because vitamin D is the most easily accessible, a few minutes the sun is enough sun day the body to use, but why is our current way of life and sometimes even a few minutes without ever seeing the sun, another reason for 3C products that you may be hair loss . Vitamin D deficiency is the most direct cause hair loss.
The most direct statement, vitamin D is a secret vitamin. Because vitamin D receptor hair has, to some extent, the two are directly related. In experiments in the United States National Institutes of Health also confirmed vitamin D deficiency and hair loss are directly related.
To have thick hair brightness, you bask sun a few minutes every day, do more outdoor activities, promote blood circulation, help not only hair, but also help calcium absorption and bone health of other organs.

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