Alcohol hurts liver fuctions



The liver is a versatile and complex organ, constantly provide nutrients and protection for your body every day. It and drain away toxins and provide the energy required for your body against viral and bacterial infections, adjust the body of hormones and cholesterol levels, as well as vitamins and minerals supply. And these are just examples of the liver more than five hundred kinds of functions.


Speaking about the function of the liver, I believe the vast majority of people know that the liver is the body ‘
Alcohol console, when you drink a glass of wine, beer or other types of
Alcoholic beverages, alcoholic liver will be responsible for dealing with these, remove blood poisoning
Su. However, the liver can only deal with a certain content of alcohol. If you let
Her liver overloaded, the liver can not handle alcohol will be in your blood
Fluid circulates, affect the operation of the brain, heart and other body tissues,
Finally, it will cause intoxication.


If you continue to drink alcohol to excess, whether fixed or binge drinking a few cups a day, you are continuing to make the liver work overload. The consequences of ill-treatment of the liver, may damage liver cells, liver cells or excessive accumulation of fat; the worst case, may also cause inflammation of the liver, liver scarring and even lead to liver cancer.


You drink much wine in the end, and will not harm your liver? This is totally not a fixed standard. Several tips provided below, you can either decide to drink the first glass of wine, or else to drink more often, allowing you to be a reference.


* Do not Pinjiu friends, your friends to alcohol tolerance may come higher than you. You might think that it is aware of their inability to drink, but in fact only your gender, ethnicity, weight and health in order to determine how much alcohol intake is safe for you.

* Choosing what wine to drink, do not think that a certain kind of wine less hurt the body, in fact, the key lies in the amount of alcohol, and not in the kind of wine. The definition of “a glass of wine” means: a glass of 12 ounces (341 milliliters) of beer, 5 ounces (142 milliliters) of wine, 3 oz (86 ml) of sherry or port wine, 1.5 ounces (43 ml) of spirits . Whether you are straight or diluted drink to drink, said the impact on the liver weight is the same.
* If you are a woman, not because of a friend’s agitation and excessive drinking. Women more likely than men to absorb alcohol, therefore, even if the women have drunk less, but it is still relatively easy to cause alcohol-related liver disease.
* If you have hepatitis or any other type of liver disease, you should totally do not drink, because alcohol will increase the liver damage.
* Do not participate in alcohol-related games that let you drinking too much in a short time.
* The amount that you drink a cup or two cups limited to, but definitely not every day so drink. If you have liver problems, then for you the safest not to drink alcohol consumption is totally.
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* Source: Shun to
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