Keep a healthy blood level, make you look more young

Do you have an attractive aura? In fact, the gas field and looks solidarity. Color is synonymous with physical appearance in the blood, the blood is to keep raising the gas field.
Women are more blood for the rich. Blood reflects not only health, but also about beauty, without any kind of cosmetic, can be like blood so considerate of your appearance. Lack of blood, eyes how circulation Wink? How hair hair flying? How the skin smooth and moist? Now it came to raising blood, immediately make you a quarter on the young.
Keep out black hair
Flowing black hair is the first female sexy parts. Chinese say “hair is more than blood,” Yang Rong hair special needs blood, blood deficiency when the time will dry the hair, yellow hair, hair loss, broken hair.
Drink black sesame porridge
Black sesame seeds can BushenyangJing fine, fine homologous blood, kidney essence can promote blood metaplasia. And “kidney in the hair,” that adequate kidney essence or not, can be reflected in the hair. Black sesame can nourish liver and kidney essence and blood, but in terms of beauty UFA has a good effect. Each taking 50 g fried black sesame powder, add milk or eat porridge every morning and evening.
Mulberry juice drink
Black mulberry color purple, can be blood Yin, fluid dryness. Nutrition found that mulberry contains a lot of nutrients the body needs, including UFA element, make the hair becomes black and glossy. Consumption of 100 grams per day can be a mulberry.
Rubbing Baihui
Baihui points in the middle of the head, is the highest point on the body position, according to the theory of yin and yang of Chinese medicine, for enhancing yang, nourishing blood has a very good role.
Keep a good eye to gaze
Blood deficiency, let your eyes become dull chaos, appear swollen upper eyelid, dry eyes, dark circles …….
Wolfberry tea
Liver opens into the eyes, the eyes can rely on hepatic blood nourishment bright. Wolfberry has the role of nourishing Yin and kidney, but also lowering blood pressure, can effectively prevent fat increases fat deposition in the left eye, but also can prevent eye wrinkles. Daily consumption of 20 grams of wolfberry, can be soaked in water to drink, and to be eaten directly.
Eat hazelnut
Chinese medicine has the effect of spleen Qi hazelnut, to improve vision, keeping eyes bright with good effect. Nutrition analysis, hazelnuts rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and vitamins, to improve eye sight is very good. Juefu hazelnut 30 grams daily, ate in January have used.
Moxibustion Guanyuan
Guanyuan has been called the body’s pubic region hole, is stored in the body strength of the local people. Moxibustion Guanyuan can be beautiful eyes eyesight, relieving dry eyes, dark circles, dark glazed helpful.
Raise a hand shallots
Chinese medicine, fingers and nails are more than the liver, liver blood filling needs support. Liver blood deficiency, there will be the nails dry, easy to crack.
Peony licorice tea drink
TGP has the effect of nourishing yin blood Rougan can promote liver associated with bones, Zhao Jia restore pliability and flexibility. Licorice has a role Spleen, and peony match, can enhance the role of Yin blood and into the liver, the main essence and blood nourishing the liver and can restore the fingers and nails smooth and moist. Take peony 9 grams, licorice 6 grams, water brew tea with future generations.
Velvet pink clothes
Velvet and very similar human finger nails are horny, and are dependent on blood nourishment, so you can take antler powder to form fill-shaped, to the role of nourishing blood. Antler powder, each taking 3 grams, taken twice daily.
Tap Taichong
Taichong between the big toe and second toe, this point can Shugan gas, restrict excessive excitement liver-yang, thus reducing the loss of Yin.
Raise a white teeth red lips
Sufficient blood, gums, lips get enough nourishment, there will be red and shiny, strong teeth. When blood weakness, manifested as gums, lips the color of pale, pale, gingival recession.
Drink Dangguibuxuetang
This is a traditional Chinese medicine blood Qi the name of party by angelica, astragalus composed, Angelica Astragalus is used in an amount five times, taking blood alternate interaction length of Italy, to promote blood metaplasia by qi. Take 35 grams of astragalus, angelica 7 grams of water boiling for 20 minutes, filtered juice, then boiling again, mixing the concoction twice after, divided into three sub early in the evening and drink, and even served 10 days.
Buccal Eclipta
Eclipta has Bugan kidney, nourishing essence and blood effects, but also has the role of cooling blood to stop bleeding, for gingival recession, bleeding gums, has a good therapeutic effect. After taking Ecliptae 6 grams of boiling water for 10 minutes, including a medicine in the mouth, wait 20 seconds after swallowing, drinking until the syrup.
Moxibustion Zusanli
Zusanli points nourishing the body by moxibustion Zusanli can promote digestive function of the spleen and stomach, thus contributing to the blood metaplasia, and atrophy of the gums and other symptoms of qi helpful. Once ignited moxa, moxa Zusanli on each side for 10 minutes every other day can be.
Raise a good sleep good color
Blood enough to sleep well, so you will not listless, unresponsive, the people of all color image improves.
Longan drink porridge
Longan nourishing spleen, fill the role of Anshen, blood loss leading to insomnia conditioning is the best. Take longan meat, 30 grams, washed, and 50 grams of rice with Zhu Chengyu consumption. Every evening to eat once a continuous consumption of 10 days visible results.
Drink Gynostemma tea
Gynostemma has similar ginseng qi role, and both soothing effect for qi deficiency and insomnia have a good effect. Gynostemma take 6 grams, boiling water, on behalf of the tea a day may be brewing 12-18 grams.
Seabuckthorn juice drink
The role of sea buckthorn has Jianpixiaoshi, more suitable due to the eating disorders, leading to the spleen and stomach, blood biochemistry passive, mind dystrophy caused by the type of insomnia. Fresh sea buckthorn fruit 100 grams, after drinking juice, sea buckthorn fruit can be eaten directly.
Keep out ageless Body
Good skin condition, must rely on adequate blood nourishment can be achieved. Gas, there is a basis to make skin look shiny; and blood, it is keep your skin elastic foundation, moist and pink whitening.
Gelatin drink tea with honey
Chinese medicine believes that gelatin is sentient flesh and blood products, with the effect of nourishing yin and soothe the nerves beauty, and Chinese medicine, in order to form fill-shaped, stewed with animal skin gelatin can protect the skin smooth and elastic. Allow pharmacies to help buy labeled gelatin powder, and then take take every Arab powder 10 grams, 15 grams of honey, soaked in water to drink, twice a day.
Rhodiola medicated bath
Chinese medicine Rhodiola has the role of nourishing blood. The Rhodiola 30 gram of water boiling twice, twice the concoction poured into bath water can soak once every other day.
Rubbing Sanyinjiao
TCM will Sanyinjiao called female beauty hole, rubbing this point, not only to liver, kidney, and spleen qi can promote blood metaplasia, so that women’s skin fully nourished. Informal times a day can tap Sanyinjiao, each point of one minute, tap the intensity with a sense of soreness is appropriate.
Keep a keen ear clever
If blood deficiency, it will likely cause tinnitus, hearing loss, a hundred should be called, like the elderly.
Yam Astragalus drink tea
Astragalus is nourishing vitality drug yam can spleen lungs Qi, eat can promote blood metaplasia, improve hearing. Take 20 grams of astragalus, Chinese yam 15 grams, add boiling water twice offspring tea.
Lean meat porridge drink Siwu
Siwutang is nourishing the first party, angelica 20 grams, Rehmannia 12 grams, 9 grams of Radix, Chuanxiong 9 grams composition, plus iron tonic lean, Qi Sheng Jin of rice, porridge eating, for blood deficiency caused by tinnitus, hearing loss is helpful.
Rubbing too River Point
Too River Point is the kidney through the original hole, Massage this point can be nourishing essence, promote blood metaplasia. Fingertips tap in vertical point at the appropriate force tap three minutes, press twice daily points.
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