16 tips to keep away from mosquito, let your baby enjoy the summer!

1, a few people will bite you in a major or a related with the smell, you can eat mosquitoes hate the smell of something: a mosquito prevention approach: eat vitamin B1, if you want to go to the field 3-4 days in advance to eat. She said that people do not feel it, mosquitoes can not stand that smell will stay away from you, it is said especially effective, you try.
2, vitamin B1 soaked brush also makes mosquitoes can not close. This water-soluble vitamin is no side effects. Excess weight is completely eliminated from the body, without being detained in the body.
3, with the condiment star anise, fennel each two, soak in warm water in the basin, with its water bath, mosquitoes did not dare close.
4, in the room lit dried orange peel can be replaced by mosquitoes, both mosquito repellent, but also to eliminate house odor.
5, wear light-colored clothes. We pay attention to myself! Aedes (also known as piebald mosquito) favorite stop on the black clothes. So we try in the hot summer wear some color in light clothes.
6, try to wear socks. Many people like the summer barefoot shoes, after not knowing wear socks, mosquito feeling human skin humidity decreases, the skin surface volatiles decreased, will reduce the bites.
7, after being bitten can be apprehended. Mosquito to bite, we will immediately grab. But after scratching the skin tissue fluid, lymph oozing, swollen into a package, the more grasping the more itch, but also easy to subside, covered with red envelopes “red bean legs” is so caught out. If you insist on not caught, generally 10-15 minutes later, you can clearly itching subsided.
8, the family of aquatic plants to water regularly.
9, when using insect repellent drug, a brand in continuous use after 2 months, for a drug repellent better. But remember repellent products will affect the health of people and pets at home.
10, eat garlic can be effective repellent because mosquitoes do not like the body secreted garlic.
11, clever use of cool oil, wind spirits in the bedroom to put boxes opened lid cool oil or wind spirits. Point mosquito coils, odor choking; hang a mosquito net, dull air. If you can point before the mosquito in the whole disk mosquito drops sprinkle the right amount of wind spirits, will enable the mosquito coils are not choking, and themselves in clear, insect repellent effect is good. If you can before entering mosquito nets, mosquito nets sprinkle a few drops on the wind spirits, can improve the air conditions inside the nets, and increased insect repellent effect.
12, before put into the mosquito flowers at dusk, indoors pendulum 1,2 pots blooming jasmine, Milan or rose, tuberose best. Because mosquitoes can not stand the aroma of the flowers and escape.
13, indoor installation orange light bulbs, since the mosquito fear the orange light, it is possible to produce a good insect repellent effect.
14, will dry the leaves, etc. knead rope, lit on the interior, which can be repellent smoke.
15. The residue dried tea after combustion, can repel mosquitoes.
16, the use of mosquito repellent M. buster, about 15 square meters indoors, place a height of about 30 cm, number of leaves in more than 40 M. buster, the best results.

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