Herbs Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 Capsule


Relieve Sensitive Nose and Irrilated Throat
Strengthen Liver to Enhence Absorbance

Suitable User

Concerm about Respiratory Health
Concerm about Liver Health Concerm about Pressure and Sleeping quality Concerm about Health of Immune System Free Fatique and illness


60 capsules per bottle / 500mg per capsule


Hong Kong


Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4, Lecithin Dosage 2 capsules per day, (tp be taken with empty stomach or 1 hour before sleep)

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Herbs 4 Cordyceps Improve absorption effect of Cordyceps Militaris into full play
Herbs Cordyceps introduction to 4 Generation efficiency strengthened from generation to generation, 4 Cordyceps daicaoji new adding lecithin, breakthrough into “”guiding drug”” concept, first to liver element – Join 4% Lecithin, enhance the absorption, the remaining 96% Cordyceps CS-4 The efficacy of its head, more absorbed by the body than other Cordyceps, double effect raising the nose sensitivity, relieving cough and of efficiency, food 7 That feels different from other.
Open Active ingredients Absorption

Cordycepic acid : Nose sensitive symptoms, refreshed and trachea, tracheal cough, strengthening the kidney

Cordyceps sinensis polysaccharide : Strengthens the immune system, activating macrophages

Adenosine : Relieve stress and tension, no insomnia, fatigue, blood

Lecithin : Promote liver metabolism, strengthen the hematopoietic function, make the active ingredients more absorption

Product advantages:
• Active components of Cordyceps, effective through bimin 92%*
• The only active ingredients, cordyceps Cao Ji’s most trusted
• Advanced cultivation technology CLC , Refined ingredients of Cordyceps Militaris
• Cao JI Chinese caterpillar fungus 16 Year home 99%* Exciting praise, improve the symptoms of bimin
Common problem

A: Cordyceps sinensis is a fungus with the bat larvae conjugate bat moth eggs produced will become larvae in the ground, Chinese caterpillar fungus spores into the soil by rain parasitic larvae in the body, the larvae of caterpillar fungus spores absorb nutrients and rapid propagation. In winter, the larvae drill ground, Cordyceps full body, rigid as winter worm larvae. Summer, Cordyceps from Cordyceps head sprout, grow grass outside looks like fungi child seat, becoming Cordyceps.

A: nutritionists and medical scientists have recognized lecithin has a protective effect on liver function. Dr. Ze Seer at the University of North Carolina, in one trial found that with increasing number of modern civilization diseases, alcohol and high cholesterol become liver degradation factors. Lecithin emulsification and powerful, can fully protect the liver cells, but also can promote the activation and regeneration of liver cells, so as to effectively enhance the body absorption.

A: 4th Generation Herbs Generation Cordyceps sinensis is the only public market of active ingredients, the content is more than the higher Pharmaceutical ingredients. Furthermore, the 4th generation Herbs Cordyceps sinensis is especially sensitized to relieve nasal, stop cough, no insomnia Cordyceps formula, the effect is better than the other brands on the market.

A: CS4 is US FDA, affirmative approval of China’s State Food and Drug Administration health food edible fungus, and then with cold extraction laminar Pei Hua Technology (CLC), the active ingredient capable of handing more and better high-quality Cordyceps , the 4th generation Herbs Cordyceps mycelium using CS4.

A: 4th Generation Herbs Generation Cordyceps GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing, product regularly for pumping Yang and heavy metals by the Hong Kong government-approved testing organizations, organochlorine pesticides residues and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) assay to ensure that each batch of products are in line with quality control standards.

A: 4th Generation Herbs Generation Cordyceps is manufactured from Hong Kong.

* The Scientific Rediscovery of a Precious Ancient Chinese Herbal Regimen: Cordyceps sinensis Part II.


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