Herbs Brain Pro


Reconstruct neural networks to reduce brain degradation
Improve short-term memory problems
Helps recoverability thinking and reaction
Relieve depression and anxiety problems

Suitable User

Above 30+ year old
People concerned about brain healthy
Brain degradation concern
Forgetfulness and memory loss
Thinking fuzzy cognitive confusion
Slow response with emotionally


60 tablets, 450mg per tablets

Product Origin

United States

Main Ingredients

lpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline(A-GPC), Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Sensoril ® Ashwagandha Extract, Omega 3 Fish Oil, SerinAid ® PhosphatidylSerine (PS), Gastrodin, Cellulose (plant origin), Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsule
*Product contains soy and fish oil ingredient


(Recommend) 2 capsule in the morning, 2 capsule at night, take after meal
(Maintenance) 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule at night, take after meal”

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Product Description

Product Introduction
HERBS Brain Pro is formulated in US, mainly ideal for people suffering from brain degradation problem. It is designed to comprehensively repair of brain, improve memory, cognitive function, to enhance thinking and reaction. Through reconstruction of neural networks to reduce brain degradation, it is helpful to reduce the problem of elder brain. The ingredients with many patents awarded and scientifically analyzed, let you have plenty of brain power and regain a healthy young life.
Strong Function Brain Formula (6 Benefits)
Brain cell regeneration: Ashwagandha, gastrodin can reconstruct neural networks to reduce brain degradation.
Memory upgrade: Ginkgo biloba and PS can enhance memory, improve short-term memory problems.
Cognitive strengthen: PS can stimulate the brain to produce acetylcholine, improve cognition, combined with fish oil improve cognitive dysfunction.
Concentration enhancemen:t A-GPC with ginkgo biloba, can promote growth hormone secretion and enhance concentration.
Thinking & reaction: A-GPC, PS is necessary of brain, for helps recoverability thinking and reaction.
Emotion & anxious: Ashwagandha effective on sedative anxiolytic, can relieve depression and anxiety problems.
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Common problem

A: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” is a comprehensive brain supplements, to help establish CSI! “Herbs also brain child” includes six kinds of active ingredients, can activate brain cells, strengthen the brain, intelligence, concentration, and memory.

A: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” special ratio formula, feeding your brain cells energy, function, and protection.
Function: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” can promote brain cell regeneration, reconstruction of brain networks, can produce enough nerve conduction factor to enhance intelligence, concentration, and memory.
Protection: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” ingredients containing antioxidants to protect brain cells from oxide (radical) against, because free radicals are a major factor in the destruction of brain cells.
Energy: “Herbs also brain child” includes supply to the brain mitochondria produce energy nutrients, the brain cells can exert sufficient capacity.

A: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” of the ingredients are in clinical trials it has the following benefits:
+Activated brain cells to enhance the focus on enhancing memory
+Improve brain can muster
+stable emotional intelligence

A: Professionals: To obtain a seat in a highly competitive economic environment, outstanding performance in the workplace, CSI colleagues in the play.
Older memory degradation: easy to forget important information or a day? Centralized power loss? Using “Herbs also brain child” to enhance and improve your memory, focus and brain energy!

A: sooner or later take a strengthening of the role can each take two.

A: The long-term benefits: using 10-14 day 1, morning and evening doses of 1, 2 each. “Herbs brain child also” play the best results, boost brain power, memory and concentration. For first-time users, recommended for taking two weeks, the brain cells get sufficient nutrition, injury repaired.
Immediate benefits: increased mental, awareness enhancement, may take a few days to get 2 to 2.
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A: The generally recommended treatment for 3 months, followed by a daily morning and evening to take a “Herbs brain rejuvenation” for health purposes, to further improve the degenerative brain problem due to bad habits caused by the effective protection of brain cells, reducing slow degenerative brain speed. Long-term use, but also enhance memory and concentration.
(If necessary, seek professional medical advice)

A: “Herbs brain rejuvenation” is a nutritional supplement, contains ingredients are all FDA permitted as a food supplement in the list. Factory also is FDA approved, and in accordance with GMP guidelines.

A: Absolutely not. “Herbs brain rejuvenation” is a therapeutic nutritional supplements.

A: If you have health problems, we recommend that you seek professional medical advice before deciding suitable adjustment therapy and nutritional supplements dosage, can cause health hotline at (852) 81021798, in order to achieve the best results.

A: degenerative brain known as “dementia”, the patient is referred to a variety of brain function caused by abnormally recession. Memory and other cognitive functions of patients (such as learning, understanding, use of language, sense of direction and judgment, etc.) will gradually lose some patients also have depression, hallucinations, personality changes or symptoms, patients with this problem mostly elderly . Research around the world shows that persons aged 65 or older, about 5-10% of all types and varying degrees of degenerative brain problem incidence increases with age will suffer. In general, many of these patients have a family history of the disease process and may also be faster.


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