Classic Black Oolong


Burn fat, lose pound
148mg Oolong Polypherol, promoto metabolism
Block fats and oil absorption
Healthy, sugarless and 0 calories

Suitable for

Peopele who are looking for slim and weight loss


2g x 16packs

Product Origin


Main Ingredients

Black Oolong Tea, Cassia seed


Not recommended for children, pregnat, and people with long term illnessess. Please consult your doctor if you have any problems

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Product Description

Product Introduction
“Classic Black Oolong” Strong Slimming Power
Using of high quality black oolong tea, “Classic Black Oolong” contains high Oolong Polyphenols extract, it’s in good taste and antioxidant, and strong fat burning power also. It’s the natural and effective slimming tea.
Burn Fat! Target Lose 8 Pounds!
A cup of “Classic Black Oolong” every day is effective to block dietary fats and oil absorption. It’s also helps to burn calories, enhance metabolic rate. Tummy is easily gone and the effective result as same as you fast walk 15 minutes stairs.
148mg Oolong Polyphenols, the Darkest, the Slimmest!
“Classic Black Oolong” is the darkest oolong tea because of 148mg Oolong Polyphenols. It’s an active ingredient which strength the fat burning effect. “Classic Black Oolong” is darkest, most effective and the slimmest!
Natural, Healthy, No Diarrhea Felling.
“Classic Black Oolong” is healthy and effective slimming tea, natural ingredients which was extracted of black oolong tea and cassia seeds, no side effects. It can detoxifications and make your skin beauty. You are not necessary to take slimming capsule instead.
Zero Calories, Drink Everyday!
“Classic Black Oolong” is healthy, sugarless and zero calories, no additional calories absorbed. Each tea bag is single packed. You can drink every day and every where, for keeping slimmest.
Convenience, Drink Everywhere!
You can drink during breakfast, lunch and dinner, it blocks dietary fats and oil absorption. You can drink when in the office, it keeps you refreshing. You can make the tea in a bottle and bring with when you are shopping. In the summer time, you can keep it in cool, it’s also strong slimming power and good taste.


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