Herbs Gut Pro


Improve intestinal health
Eliminates unwanted toxins
Help with digestion of gastronintestinal
Maintain the immune system and health skin

Suitable User

Poeple who concern gastrointestinal health problem
Poeple who concern body detoxification
People who are work / study under great pressures and have poor gastrointestinal health
People who are occasional or non-persistent constipation


28 tablets, 750mg per tablets

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Main Ingredients

Aloevera Extract (4.25%) , Cellactose, Fructooligosaccharide , Aloe Arborescence powder, Probiotics Powder, Aloe 200:1 Concentrate powder, Chrboxy methyl cellulose calcium, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxyl profile methyl cellulose, Silica dioxide, Glycerin fatty acid ester


1 times daily. 1 capsule each time. For enhance, 1time time daily, 2 capsules each time.”

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Product Description

Product Introduction
The Aloe Vera with 8 kinds of Probiotics, it improves bowel movement and keeps the healthy bowel. Aloe Vera ingredient is come from natural Aloe Barbadensis, a plant commonly found in Mexico, which include amino acid and enzymes. It also contains a rich amount of mucopolysaccharide (MPS), in order to reduce stomach burden, enhance digestion ability and immune system. Moreover, the 8 kinds of amino acids can also be found in this tablet, which are necessary for the repair and metabolism of skin cells but cannot be made by the body on its own.
Common problem

A:Aloe Vera can be divided into two parts, the inner and skin, aloe vera inner tissue is transparent, viscous gel and vegetable flavor, containing more than more than 200 kinds of nutrients, including eight kinds of human body can not synthesize amino acids, enzymes and precious mucopolysaccharide component (MPS), wherein the aloin and aloe glycosides can stimulate the small bowel, the intestinal toxins discharged, and can increase the large intestinal fluid secretion, improve the large intestine bowel function.

A: The main function of the amino acid composition of the protein metabolism and assist, “Herbs through the gut,” including eight kinds of human body can not synthesize essential amino acids on their own, they are used as an important element in the promotion of skin metabolism and repair, and help reduce stomach pressure.

Manufactured by the enzyme protein, which is to promote the role of chemical substances. Almost all biological cells during chemical reactions require the assistance of an enzyme, an enzyme in the cell range can decide pathway metabolism. “Herbs through the gut,” containing an enzyme can promote skin regeneration, promote sugar and fat in food is digested, improve nutritional absorption in the small intestine.

Polysaccharides are macromolecular carbohydrates, glycoside bond with the combination of repeating units. “Herbs gut through” mucopolysaccharide containing ingredients derived from plants, can reduce the accumulation of intestinal putrefaction, intestinal regulator can improve immunity disease invasion.

A: Amino acids are part of the body structure. In addition to use as build and repair tissue cells, they are also used to make antibodies against bacteria and viruses, which is one of the important elements of the original enzymes and hormones, used to establish nucleoprotein (RNA and DNA), with oxygen to the entire body, and participate in muscle activity.

Enzymes in molecular biology is very important. Enzymes are proteins and biological catalysts. Enzymes help speed up chemical reactions in the body, and does not change or destroy the chemical reaction.

“Herbs gut through” mucopolysaccharide containing ingredients derived from plants help to reduce the pressure on the stomach, helps digestion, intestinal absorption, boost the immune system and enhance tissue recovery speed.

A: The city people are not regular diet, excessive alcohol and tobacco, with living labor, are likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, acne, skin deterioration and mood swings and other symptoms. “Herbs intestinal links” made using natural aloe Mexico, including amino acids, enzymes and aloe vera is the most valuable component of mucopolysaccharides (MPS), help to reduce the pressure on the stomach, digestion, intestinal absorption and immune system are important effect. In addition, aloe contains eight kinds of human body essential amino acids can not be synthesized, is an important element of skin metabolism and repair. Plus product contains eight kinds of probiotics (42 billion), to adjust the intestinal bacteria ecology, to strengthen the intestines and soften the stool function.

A: The body has billions of bacteria in general, “bacteria” and “bad bacteria” in the body is balanced, natural digestive flow. When Stomach, stomach upset, when occasional constipation, the body needs more “beneficial bacteria” to repel “bad bacteria”, to maintain the balance of bacteria in vivo, helps maintain intestinal health, improve digestive problems, reducing stool brought discomfort.

A: Some people have allergies to eat seafood, eat aloe vera that will have allergies? It was based on individual constitution vary, the easiest way is to apply a little aloe liquid occurs in the absence of a burning sensation on the skin, Yang Yang, the swelling and other phenomena represent you can continue to eat aloe no allergies. If so, please be avoided.

A: The elderly and children weaker constitution, follow physical condition with caution, and small servings “Herbs intestinal links” to start taking, until the morning after the body to adapt to two, or to consult a health care professional advice before deciding dose.

A: Pregnant women less fit for human consumption, as well as menstruation women allowed to be eaten. Because aloe vera contains aloin and emodin, will lead to endometrial bleeding, could easily lead to the risk of vaginal bleeding. Therefore, pregnant women and women menstruation is best to avoid eating “Herbs through the gut.”

A: “Herbs gut through” natural ingredients, no side effects on the human body great benefits, can promote intestinal peristalsis, enhance the detoxification function, long-term use can clear stool, in addition to bad breath, stain, and reduce belly swelled Valley and other issues.


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