Herbs Laxative Fruit


Ingredients of natural
Gentle overnight action
Easy to use
Not drugs and chemicals
Pleasant taste of real fruits

Suitable User

Bowel problems
Poor digestion
Unhealthy dining habit
Drink less water daily
Smoke or Drink


10 bags per box / 10g per bag

Product Origin


Main Ingredients

Fig paste, Lactitol, Maltitol, Guar gum, Glycerin, Senna extract, Date paste, Senna leaves powder, Rhubarb extract, Yogurt powder, Tamarind extract, Lactic acid, Lactobacillus acidofilus
1/2 – 1 cube in the evening
The product is not recommended for children under 12 years old

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Herbs Laxative Fruit Cubes are made from natural ingredients including fig, rhubarb, tamarind, senna and lactobacillus. Herbs Laxative Fruit Cubes quickly but softly helps to re-establish the rhythm of your digestive system at times when your routine has been disturbed – for example, when on holiday, or working shifts.
Herbs Laxative Fruit Cubes are designed to give your digestive system a boost to help keep you regular. They are perfect if you do not eat enough fruit and fiber or if your bowel habits change due to being on holiday or a going through a stressful time. The cubes are tasty and are made from fig, date, tamarind and rhubarb. For fast, effective relief.
At some time in their life most people will experience a sudden change in bowel habits. This can be caused by poor eating, lack of fiber in the diet, inadequate exercise and insufficient fluid intake amongst other factors. Many people need a little help to get them ‘going’ again, and many would prefer to stay away from drugs and chemicals.
Mode of action:
Herbs Laxative Fruit Cubes combines the natural goodness of fig, rhubarb, tamarind, senna and lactobacillus etc. to produce the ideal recipe to maintain regularity, promotes easier intestinal transit. Herbs Laxative Fruit Cubes increase in the alimentary, stimulate intestinal contractions and help to soften stools, makes it softer and less painful to go the toilet.
– Figs have a bulking effect
– Senna acts directly on the large intestine by increasing colon movements
– Tamarind & Rhubarb have osmotic effect, increased water in stools
– Lactobacillus promote health digestive system
Product Benefits:
– Ingredients of natural
– Gentle overnight action
– Easy to use
– Not drugs and chemicals
– Pleasant taste of real fruits
Common problem

A: “Herbs have Lashi” is made from natural ingredients, including figs, rhubarb, tamarind, senna and lactic acid bacteria. When your daily rhythm has been disturbed “Herbs Lashi was” quickly re-establish the rhythm of your digestive system, such as: travel, shift work, stress and other life.

“Herbs have Lashi” is designed to promote your digestive system, helping to maintain a regular bowel movement rhythm. If you do not eat enough fruits and fiber, or your bowel habits due to travel or live intense change. “Herbs Lashi was” delicious taste made from figs, rhubarb, tamarind and lactic acid bacteria. Quickly and effectively … the effect is significant.

Most people experience life bowel problems, often Tanigae belly, bad breath. The main cause is the change in living habits, poor diet, lack of fiber diet, lack of exercise, or insufficient intake of water caused.

“Herbs Lashi was” able to bowel detoxification, bowel purification, improve digestive problems, bad breath and does not contain herbs, no long-term dependency.

A: Each “Herbs Lashi was” using fresh figs, plus rhubarb, tamarind and lactic acid and other natural ingredients, delicious taste, rich fruit sense.

“Herbs Lashi was” able to promote your digestive system, helping to maintain a regular bowel movement rhythm, improve bowel problems. The lactic acid bacteria have colon hydrotherapy net intestinal function, to provide sufficient microbial activity, regulation of intestinal function, so that the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract, keeping the micro-ecological balance.

A: Generally after 10-14 hours. (The fastest four hours effective)

A: If you’re used to defecate in the morning, then should eat in half an hour after dinner;
If you’re used to defecate at night, it can be considered in half an hour after lunch.

A: No, such as eating “Herbs Lashi was” an appropriate amount after defecation the next day, you will never feel like a natural carefree as constipation. General or sensitive stomach but who may have after eating a large response, it is recommended to eat after dinner or half a quarter of grain, to strengthen one or two subsequent period.

A: do not have to worry, this is a good thing, “Herbs Lashi too” would be more effective drain away toxins accumulated in the body, completely clear the stool. Toilet times the amount of the end depends on the individual’s physical condition, such as E. how filthy body and blood circulatory system and so the quality is normal. “Herbs Lashi was” not your normal bowel diarrhea more effectively drain away the toxins accumulated in the body, completely clear the stool.
Each capsule “Herbs Lashi too.”
Calorie content: 27.4 kcal protein content: 0.26 g fat content: 0.08 g
Carbohydrate content: 6.46 g dietary fiber: 1.57 g

A: The stomach will become more sensitive to contamination, in this case, can be eaten with 1/4 or half a tablet, when compared with stronger cleaner stomach, you can eat along with one or two a day.

A: The body is like inside our housing, if kept clean every day, this room must live very comfortably. In other words, to know inside the body is clean, the end depends on what method you use to clean the body. Edible “Herbs Lashi was” to clean the inside of the body waste.
For drinking and smoking, we recommend that every day after dinner, it is best eaten with half a tablet or one can remove nicotine and alcohol toxins.

A: The body’s health system from the inside to the outside, if melanin pigmentation think, want to completely solve the problem, just need to eat “Herbs have Lashi” toxins from the body, a person’s physical conditioning is good, naturally from the inside to the outside issuance beautiful, naturally in addition to dilute the stain and tone.

A: Because you have been discharged body Botox and probiotics have enough natural bowel movement. You only need to eat half a fresh one every day or two, as a health purposes.
If you want to have a better intestinal health, may be separated with edible “Herbs through the gut.”
“Herbs intestinal links” with natural aloe and 42 billion probiotics can zo strong digestion, intestinal absorption and coordination of the immune system, regulation of intestinal bacteria ecological environment, enhance the detoxification function, maintain intestinal health, maintaining normal bowel movements law.

A: This may mean that your body inside, especially in terms of the stomach, there is a rather serious problem. Do not worry, you are not only a lot of people have to face this kind of problem.
We recommend that you eat can increase the amount increased from 1-2, and secondly, after dinner or eat half an apple, should be able to improve the situation.
If the problem persists, please call our hotline: (852) 81021798 health adviser hotline, let us give you a more appropriate recommendation.


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