Herbs Propolis Extract


Inhibit bactarial growth and facilitate natural skin repair
Relieve canker sores quickly and protect from infections
Alleviate irrigative symptoms and enhance respiratory immunity
Remedy digestive discomfort and calm the digestive tract
Delay aging and promote prolonged vitality

Suitable User

Clearer and smoother skin
Digestive system disorder Frequentrespiratory irritations Enhancing cardiovascular health Keeping young and beautful


60 softgels per box / 750mg persoftgels

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Main Ingredients

100% Pure Propolis Extract


2 times daily, 1 softgel each time (taken before meal)

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Propolis, also known as bee glue, is a resinous, often reddish-brown substance gathered by the bees. The bees collect the resin from particular trees such as the willow, poplar, and birch and bring it back to their hive. Then the resin is mixed together with bee’s secretions as well as wax flakes to produce propolis. The bees glue propolis on the hive wall to strengthen its structure and protect it from diseases. In that case the 40000 – 60000 bees living in the same hive can be bacterial-proof and safe.
The scientists have extracted propolis, which has been proven to account for the improvement and maintenance of general wellbeing. Some of these claims are being clinically investigated and several studies are published in the medical sector.
Propolis is credited with antibiotic and antiviral properties and has been shown to boost the immune system and relieve cold and flu symptoms. It is well regarded for its healing properties and ability to regenerate damaged cells. A synergistic effect has been reported for Propolis extract used together with antibiotics (Chernyak, 1971). Sometimes, Propolis extracts are more effective than commercially available drugs (Millet-Clerc, et al., 1987).
HERBS Propolis Extract works best
HERBS Propolis Extract is made from 100% natural, pure Australian propolis, and it is manufactured under Australian TGA Standard, which is the highest quality standard in the world. HERBS Propolis Extrac is suitable for all males and females and can be consumed over an extensive period of time. It is reliable and has no side effect. Taking propolis daily can help prevent illness by improving our immune system.
Common problem

A: Although propolis and royal jelly is produced by bees, but they have different ingredients and efficacy.
– Propolis is a bee health products, honey and bee royal jelly is the food.
– Royal jelly ingredients are amino acids, vitamins, etc., used for skin and beauty care.
– Propolis is rich in flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, resistant to harmful substances, accelerate physical rehabilitation and net blood effect.

A: Honey bee collecting pollen had made, but a nutritional supplements, does not have the pharmacological effects of propolis! Yanbao Jian Mei propolis has many functions, including skin, gastrointestinal, respiratory tract, therefore scientists as “the most perfect natural antibiotic.”

A: children, pregnant women, those with allergies or propolis allergy should not take it.


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