Prostate Vital Super


Helps maintain prostatic health
Reduces disturbance of sleeping at night
Restores the vital energy
Rebuilds the body strength

Suitable User

Concern about men’s health
Often been interrupted sleeping at night
Lethargy, easily fatigue


60 capsules per bottle / 500mg per capsule

Product Origin

Hong Kong

Main Ingredients

Saw Palmetto, Cushaw Seed Extract, Fructus Corni, Lycopene, Ganoderma Lucidum,Cordyceps, Radix Et Rhizoma Salvize Miltiorrhizae, Herba Epimedii


1capsule each time, 2 times per day (best before breakfast and before lunch)
For extremely fatique or insomnia, 3 capsules each time, 2 times per day.
If necessary, you can take 2 capsules 1 hour before doing exercises”

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Product Description

Product Introduction
“HERBS Prostate Vital Super can help relieve common symptoms. It also restores the vital energy and rebuilds the body strength naturally. It is your best choice for comprehensive men’s healthcare.
HERBS Prostate Vital Super benefits
Improve insomnia
Restore male vitality
Boost energy level
Enhance hair growth”
Common problem

A: Yes, but not recommended.
1. Human Vital Super is suitable  for men and women. It helps repair “vitality”, nourishing kidney.

2. Prostate Vital Super is designed for older men. It is a golden combination for Men’s Health. It helps improving “kidney virtual” problems for the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand it also enhance men’s health and the vitality and improve physical fitness.

3. In case of older men, it is recommended to take the Prostate Vital Super. If the guests were middle-aged men and women, lack of energy, physically weak and easy fatigue, insomnia, easy to wake up, lassitude, weakness, hair loss, white hair, etc., it is recommended to take Human Vital Super.


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