Herbs Sweet Sleeping Drink


Help Relax
Relieve stress tension
Help to fall asleep easily
Improve sleep quality

Suitable User

Often difficult to sleep
Poor quality of sleep
Dreamy wih pressure


20 tea bags per box / 2g per tea bag

Main Ingredients

Chamomile, Ganoderma, Lucidum, Lily, Dates, Licorice, Polygala, Lavender, Stevia


Pour over in 150ML bolied water and allow to brew for 3 minutes. To achieve a better quality of sleep, highly recommend to drink 30 minutes before sleep

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Ganoderma Lucidum is considered ancient elixir of uneasiness of mind, for neurasthenia, body weakness, forgetfulness, and insomnia has a significant effect. Modern research has found that the chemical composition of Ganoderma Lucidum related to balance the nervous system stimulant, improve sleep quality, insomnia, neurasthenia alleviate the problem. The polygala, lily, dates and other herbal ingredients have good benefits on improving the quality of sleep. Then, the unique combination with chamomile & lavender. Let you relax in the fragrance of flowers, and make you fall asleep naturally.
Help relax, relieve stress tension
Help to fall asleep easily, improve sleep quality
Suitable Users:
Often difficult to sleep
Poor quality of sleep
Dreamy with pressure
Caution: This product is free of western medicine and does not have side effect. Pregnant women, children, or sensitive to this formulation should consult physician before taking this product.
Common problem

A: Features
– Can not sleep – easy to wake up at night and can not get back to sleep
– Wake up very early – because of lack of sleep, daytime fatigue, irritability and mood

Normal sleep pattern is disturbed temporarily and occasionally is normal, will not cause a problem – however, anxiety, stagnation, fear or excitement is the most common factor, when the related issue is resolved, insomnia will disappear.
Including the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and digestive disorders, physical illness, may also interfere with your sleep. If both sweating, insomnia, menopause problems may also be symptoms.

A: Many people mistakenly think of sleep as long as possible, even holiday “catch up on sleep,” but in fact a real high quality sleep time must try. Examples adult recommended daily sleep 7-9 hours, but which must be continuous, not interrupted. We’ll go through 4-6 times per night to sleep sleep cycles, each cycle of about 90-110 minutes, including non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM).
NREM respectively, “sleep”, “light sleep”, “sleep” and “deep sleep” period is a good time to repair our cells and tissues. The REM stage is a dream, when the memory is also reforming. If the sleep cycle is interrupted, it is necessary to start over, but the best moment to wake up in just completed a full sleep cycle occurs, otherwise there will be “a good sleep after all Gui” feeling. Wherefore it is said “sleep until daylight,” is a high-quality sleep.

A: – the timing of sleep and wake up every day, do not nap after 3:00 p.m.
– During sleep to keep the room quiet and dark (dark environment helps the body’s melatonin secretion of melatonin)
– Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol
– Can be done at bedtime to relax some of you think of something, but the premise is to try and moderate static, such as listening to music, watching less stimulus programs, etc.
– Do not eat large amounts before bedtime. If hungry, you can eat foods containing tryptophan, for example, about 150-200ml drink milk or a banana or a peanut butter coated with a little wheat bread

A: “Herbs Sleeping drink” is not drugs, no side effects, dependence, non-Western medicine, Chinese and Western herbal is made of pure natural herbal tea, with no chemical additives.

A: “Herbs Sleeping drink” applies to someone of any age, including pregnant women and breastfeeding the President, is safe sleep products. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding the President, before drinking this product is best to consult professional advice.

A: “Herbs Sleeping drink” without gluten (wheat bran), lactose and artificial sweeteners, and caffeine-free. Vegetarian drinking.


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