Herbs U-Tight


Relieve menstrual pain
Regain your pelvic floor strength
Alleviate monthly discomfort
Tighten vaginal muscles naturally
Anti-oxidative nourishment and get rid of yellowish skin

Suitable User

Hot flashes and night sweats
Concerm about Health of Immune System
Concerm about the tiredness


60 capsules per bottle / 500mg per capsule

Product Origin

Hong Kong

Main Ingredients

Curcmae domesticae rhizoma (Turmeric), Catechin, Granati Fructus, Kaempferiae Angustifoliae Rhizoma, Parameriae Cortex, Pericarprum Granati and Lecithin


3 capsules per day, 2 times daily 3capsules each time, for Tighten vaginal muscles or Relieve menstrual pain (tp be taken with empty stomach or 1 hour before sleep)

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Menstruation Problem
Most females feel very painful during their menstruation that seriously affects their emotions, works and social life. In order to solve this problem, Herbs-U Tight is specially formed by using pure herbal extracts without any chemicals to alleviate menstruation pain and adjust the menstrual cycle. Another problem for females is that over 20% women in Asia are suffering from elasticity loss of pelvic and vaginal flaccid muscles due to giving birth to a baby or aging. This problem tremendously impacts on sex life and relationship.
Herbs-U Tight
Herbs-U Tight is made from the extracts of purely natural Chinese herbs, traditional formula and scientific methodology. It can amazingly enhance and tighten up women´s overall muscles and foster blood circulation and metabolism so as to regain the natural contractions and elasticity of muscles, especially effective for pelvic and vaginal flaccid muscles. Furthermore, Herbs-U Tight helps to relieve mild urine leakage and monthly discomforts.
Common problem

A: – Leakage inconvenience – uneasy
– Cold hands and feet – ring true blood
– Pot fall of persons – dull yellow face

1). Menstruation pain and blood to regulate menstruation ring true →
2). Postpartum pelvic or aging lead to a relaxation → Compact
3). To tighten leakage Wetting inconvenience →

A: Most women feel weak start 35-year-old body functions, increasing with age, female secretion levels drop, metabolism also begins to slow down aging signs such as yellow face dry dumb, hot flashes, dry mouth, muscle relaxation, abdominal bulge and monthly do not ring true emerged one by one. Common vaginal relaxation problems, mainly because of a woman during pregnancy or childbirth, uterine ligaments, birth canal, pelvis and other muscles due to excessive pressure, easily damaged, Hao Shang blood more will make the female pelvic floor muscle or muscle relaxation, have the opportunity to uterine prolapse problems.

Other causes were due to the menopause problems, make uterine tissue becomes loose, thinner, causing drooping; age Yiling muscle aging, reduce the secretion of wall loses its elasticity and muscle tension, resulting in a slight loss of ban, grip strength and sensitivity of the vagina decreased secretion disorders, or even because of the female vaginal wall muscle relaxation becomes deeper wrinkles, easily hidden bacteria that causes repeated gynecological problems.

A: Western
– Surgery / electrical clicks, requiring hospitalization
– Kegel exercises (Kegel Exercise)
Repeated skilled pelvic floor muscle contraction, but the effect is slow, the beginner due to tension and muscle spasms, forced error (legs, abdomen, buttocks should not be forced)

Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Pelvic floor muscle relaxation or menstruation pain is not a single issue should tune up the whole body function
– Involving kidney, liver vein, vagina and other organs function, yin and yang and the female body changes daily different, you must also tune up the yin and yang

* The Scientific Rediscovery of a Precious Ancient Chinese Herbal Regimen: Cordyceps sinensis Part II.


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