Umeya Probiotics Power


42 billion of Probiotics promotes bowel movement
Enhance immunity and promote regulation of intestinal function
Premium and natural Aloe from Mexico, reduce pressure from intestine
Enhance function of detoxification and solve bowel problems

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People who are looking for have regular intestinal function, poor digestion, irregular eating and drinking habits, less water intake, smelly breath, like alcoholic, constipation and intestines problem


28 tablets

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Main Ingredients

Aloevera, Probiotics Powder


Not recommended for children, pregnat, and people with long term illnessess. Please consult your doctor if you have any problems”

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Mexico quality natural Aloe Vera
The epidermis contains aloin, the main biologically active components for aloin. Aloin in the intestinal flora of the human body and effect of Aloe-emodin and Aloe-emodin by stimulating bowel produced strong poor effects. Aloe contains 8 types of the human body cannot synthesize amino acids, enzymes and valuable sticky polysaccharide component (MPS), will help to reduce the pressure on the stomach, digestion and intestinal absorption and the immune system has an important role.
420 Millions of probiotics
Adjustment the intestinal bacteria ecology, promote the growth of probiotic bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria.
Promote intestinal peristalsis, enhance the detoxifying function
Join the 420 billion probiotic bacteria, promote intestinal immunity, promote intestinal peristalsis and help bowel, reducing the occurrence of stool, abdominal pressure normal, improve gastro-intestinal problems, reduction of harmful bacteria.
Promoting gastrointestinal function, regulating gastrointestinal pH value, improve intestinal motility, increasing stool volume and reduce undesirable microorganisms, improve the State of gut bacteria, promote digestion and absorption of dietary protein in the body, reducing the accumulation of intestinal putrefaction, Valley of the lower belly Belly swelling, flatulence, and other issues.


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