Umeya Slimming Enzyme

Product Benefit

Block starch absorption 60%
Increase frequency of defecation
66 type of vegetable essence included,
increase metabolic rate & weight loss

Suitable for

People who are looking for slim and weight loss

People who have metabolism slowed down

People who have constipation problem


12 sachets



Main Ingredients

Indigestible Maltodextrin, Chitosan Oligosaccharides (Korea. Patent), Vegetables Complex, Lacic Acid Bacteria, Konjac powder, Coicis Semen Extract


Mix 1 sachet with a 60ml glass of water at room temperature or less than 40°c

Best taken before breakfast or before going to bed

Week 1: 1 sachet daily for those with mildly poor bowl habits

Week 2 onwards: Continue with 1 sachet daily or take two sachets daily if you wish to accelerate results


Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating moms and people with long term illnesses. Please consult your doctor if you have any problems

This product contains lactose, milk and milk products, crustacean and crustacean products, not suitable for people with this allergy.

Do not mix this product with boiling water

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Product Description

Product Description

【Umeya Slimming Enzyme】 blocks starch absorption 60% effectively, with 1.2 billion probiotics to balance intestinal bacteria. A variety of pineapple enzyme, papaya enzyme and starch decomposition enzymes help digestion and enhance the frequency of defecation 2 times *. It also includes 66 type of vegetables essence, coicis semen extract, green tea extract to improve metabolism to achieve the perfect slimming effect



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