Herbs UricA Toning


Comfort Elbow: Anti-oxidation and reduce acidity
Comfort Fingers: Decompose acid in body joints and relieve turnidness
Comfort Knee: Reduce the formation of acid and stabilize acidity
Comfort Ankle: Encourage blood circulation and metabolism
Confort Toe: Accelerate micro-circulation to exert acidic substance

Suitable User

High acidity sulferer found in family history
Frequently consume seafood and visceral
Unhealthy dining habit
Overeating or irregular diet


40capsules per bottle / 550mg per capsules

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Main Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, Marine Active, Celery Extract, Uncaria Tomentosa Extract, Zinc Yeast, Magnesium Stearate, Selerium Yeast


2 times daily, 1 capsules each time, Best after meal”

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Product Description

Product Introduction

Patent Ingredient Marine Active®

Balance Acidity Level in 1 hr
Herbs Urica Toning Capsule contain patented ingredient Marine Active®, which extracted from deep sea fishes to balance acidity level. It is clinically proven that acidity level decreased in 1 hr and discomfort due to acidity level relieved in 7 days.

HERBS Urica Toning Capsule

– Balance acidity level
– Relieve discomfort occurs in body joints
– Encourage blood circulation
– Anti-oxidation
– Enhance metabolism





Common problem

A: Yes, this group of people is usually caused by lifestyle, the last high uric acid is a typical complication, making it ideal as a secondary maintenance food.

A: The natural food ingredients with Western medicine is not antagonistic, so you can take at the same time, the interval between the two and a half hours.

A: uric acid lowering medicine and power of the sea different mechanism of action, can take, depending on the circumstances and gradually reducing discretionary medicine dose, it is recommended to start a one-third reduction in the amount of time between Western medicine and is 1.5 hours.

** Source: the National Taiwan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital attached to the test


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