Herbs Xczema Pro


Relieve skin rashes discomfort
Reduce red and swollen condition
Improve itchy peeling problem
Inhibit the growth of skin bacteria
Faster healing wounds and repair
Rebuild of healthy skin tissues
Suppress and reduce allergy gene

Suitable User

Sensitive skin rashes damage
Red swollen and itchy skin
Irritation, pain and dry skin
Skin cracking and peeling
Damage caused by scratching
Various skin rashes discomfort


60 tablets, 380mg per tablets

Product Origin

United States

Main Ingredients

HIDROX ® Organic Olive Extract, Echinacea Root Extract, Marigold Flower, Olive Leaf Extract, German Chamomile Extract, Phyllanthus Amarus Extract, Aloe Vera leaves, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, vegetarian capsule


(Enhance) 3 capsules each time, twice per day.
(Normal) 2 capsules each time, twice per day.
(8-12 age) 1 capsules each time, twice per day.
(3-7 age) 1 capsules each time, once per day. Could be removed capsule, dissolve powder in water & taken easily.


(Recommend) 2 capsule in the morning, 2 capsule at night, take after meal
(Maintenance) 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule at night, take after meal

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Product Description

Product Introduction
Acclaimed Patents Awarded․Scientific Evidence*
HERBS Xczema Pro is formulated in US, carefully selected with seven kinds of special effect ingredients. It is designed for a variety of problems caused by skin rashes discomfort, attack rashes forming roots, improve itchy and allergic skin issue. This formulation contains high concentration of hydroxytyrosol(HIDROX®) , with many patented awards and scientifically proven. It is the only olive natural polyphenol formulation produced with a totally environmentally compatible process from the juice of organic olives. HIDROX® is certified GRAS, which means that it has been subjected to the most comprehensive set of safety tests recommended by the health authorities in the USA.
Triple Effects
Soothes skin irritations, redness, itchy and peeling problem
Improve skin immunity against allergens and skin rashes causes
Repair damaged skin cells, promote the growth of healthy skin
HIDROX®獲得多項國際專利成分,廣泛應用於改善濕敏症狀,包括減少皮膚紅熱損傷,防止免疫力受干擾,及抑制微生物生長等好處。研究證80%改善皮膚問題^,50%減少紅熱#。HIDROX®更取得CCOF, Kosher, HALAL及GRAS等有機認證。
4 Potent Functions
A balanced inhibitor of 5-LOX and COX, blocking swelling reaction
Control, reduce and suppress allergy gene NF-kB activity
HIDROX® is containing high concentration of polyphenols, the antioxidant capacity is strong
Olive contain hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, have antibacterial properties
Suitable for
1. Sensitive skin rashes damage
2. Red swollen, itchy, irritation and dry skin
3. Skin cracking and peeling
4. Damage caused by scratching
5. Various skin rashes discomfort
6. Reduce long-term use for steroids


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