Chairman Message
Chairman’s Message
Herbs and my years
Herbs brand was founded in 2000, from only three employees to over two hundred employees now, the product variety from one to more than seventy;  two hundred thousand members reached so far. We noticed very early, “health” is the most important conditions for everyone to be happy, however it is also the thing we are most likely to be taken lightly and ignored. Herbs choose health care products market, and endeavor to develop and launch various kinds of health products to confront different health problems. In this eighteen years, many newspaper reporters of economic section asked me if I determined to become a businessman when I was small? Indeed, I think back my childhood, in the background of 1960s-70s. If you are living in that time, everywhere you could see people of different ages were doing various forms of trading. In downstairs, it was a plastic flower factory, every row towards the long queues at the door, the children picked up some plastic flowers and went home to make it. In front of the vegetable stall, two to three old ladies was sitting and picking bean sprouts. Spending a morning to pick bean sprouts, you could earn three to five dollar at that time. A fat middle-aged housewife was holding a line, a stool. You could pay three dollars for pulling face. The housewife tapped some white powder, with little effort, all facial hair of the customer would be removed, even eyebrows on both sides could be pulled quite delicate. If you went down to the corner, you could see an uncle helped the neighborhood to write, read, reply letters , and fill in the form of government documents in every morning. You could see him received a bag of rice, a boiled chicken as payment. I like joking and playing with different neighbors. But when I became a nurse, one day, a patient who suffered from stroke was sent to a ward. That was the fat middle-aged housewife who played with me when I was small. When I saw her body was injected with intravenous fluids and trachea, I deeply realized that when people lose their ability to work due to illness, and even lose their human dignity, “health” is indeed the priceless gift that God gives us. Herbs, together with Hong Kong citizens, experienced a downturn in the dark days of SARS, also experienced large and small economic shocks. Herbs does not place business profits as our major concern, we focus on the high quality and professional products selection; we as a guardian for every clients and members’ health. In the coming days, Herbs will be committed to continue to offer high quality products. Also, it will devote more resources for the members. Herbs will provide more shopping discounts, members gathering and sharing, free testing services and have more training for the health consultant. Herbs care about every member, and we concern more about everyone’s health.