Serving Society
Dedicated corporate responsibility
Herbs always been to help people build a healthy lifestyle-oriented, people experience a healthy, caring, love life. In line with this belief, Herbs to different sectors of the community offer love and to allocate resources on charitable activities. Through participation in a wide range of charitable affairs, hoping to help people who need help in the community in improving their life to contribute to the establishment of a harmonious relationship with society. Herbs have always shouldered the mission of caring for the community, the community people from different parts lend a helping hand, whether close to home compatriots, as far as Africa and Uganda, have spared no effort.
China has many poor mountainous areas, children have no chance to go to school, have trouble with reading and writing text. In view of this, Herbs in Sichuan and Guizhou Mountainous built two schools, three consecutive years funded more than 200 high school students from the Mainland to high school three years to complete high school curriculum, because Miss Guo CEO cause more personally, in person to the mountains distribute supplies, and offer my heartfelt blessing, let the mountain children the opportunity to learn to read, in order to foster the country’s future pillars of a part to play.
In Africa, there are thousands of Ugandan orphans and women, not only failed to receive education, even basic living very difficult, there is no proper medical care, experiencing hunger helpless day. Herbs participation sponsorship program, sponsorship of 80 children in Uganda, Africa, and the Watoto Children’s Care Ministries to work together to rescue the poor and helpless children and women, in order to rebuild their hope and future. Child care programs include the entire body Zhi Li, drug treatment services (AIDS treatment), education (formal curriculum and technical training), trauma counseling and spiritual cultivation. Miss Guo caused by CEO to visit orphans and women, support and encouragement, and the construction of houses and ministry, so that they have a better place to live.